5 Techniques to Study Smarter for Exams

by admin | 15th December 2015 |

5 Techniques to Study Smarter for Exams

Don’t just study harder, study smarter for exams.

Often, students struggle to get into the zone when it comes to studying. Even those who succeed tend to misdirect their focus and make inefficient use of their time and could actually study smarter for exams. Whilst consistently working hard will indicate signs of improvement, a refined study technique can help students yield positive results more effectively – without exhausting all their energy. The secret to classroom success starts with goal setting, balance and consistency. Here are five techniques on how to study smarter for exams.

1. Studying longer does not equate to studying smarter

A common misconception many students believe when studying for exams is that more study time leads to more work completed. This is not always the case. Every student studies at their own pace and should not let the amount of time studying dictate their progress. For example, pushing yourself and studying mindlessly for 10 hours is not beneficial for your brain nor your body. It is scientifically proven that study breaks have the ability to boost energy and productivity. If you do decide on studying for a longer period, study smarter for exams and be sure to take study breaks!

2. Practice makes perfect

Aristotle once said, ‘for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them’. Although it may seem difficult to grasp a topic when you first learn it, the more you practice and learn the topic, the more confident you will be in your abilities. If you are struggling with a question, study smarter for exams by taking a break and come back later to work on it. If the situation persists, don’t be afraid to ask someone to give you a helping hand. Once you’ve figured it out, be sure to come back to test yourself later – because the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

3. Create a study plan

One of the hardest steps when it comes to studying is knowing where to start and how to get started. Sometimes you will want to walk around the house, clean the house, eat a meal, talk to friends, and do just about anything to avoid studying. Other times you may start working on one subject but jump across to another subject. Make sure you don’t waste time figuring out the steps to start studying and set out a clear study plan for yourself. In your study plan, be sure to allocate enough time to each subject and have a clear objective. It may be a bit overwhelming at first so break your objectives into smaller goals. This will make you more prepared and help you study smarter for exams.

4. Maintain a balanced lifestyle

It is very common for students preparing for exams to put a hiatus on their hobbies, exercise and social life. It’s great that you’re studying hard for high grades, however do not neglect your other interests and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Sometimes you’ll be in the study zone and other times you may find it difficult to stay focused. Don’t be afraid to take a short break if you happen to have a mind block. Drink a glass of water, jog around the block or even call a friend! There’s nothing wrong with taking a study break and doing something you love, so long as you do it in moderation. Refresh yourself and you will be ready to study smarter for exams in no time.

5. Form a study group

Sometimes it may be boring and difficult to stay motivated when studying alone. In times like these, it may be wiser to form a study group where you and your peers can ask each other questions, facilitate discussion, motivate each other and socialize during study breaks. What’s important when forming study groups is to follow a study plan (like outlined above!) and ensure that you stick to it as closely as possible, and to not let it become simply a social experience!

FINAL TIP – Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Occasionally, when you’ve mastered the techniques to study smarter for exams, you may face some hiccups and difficulties along the way. This is very common, and even happens to adults! Don’t shy away and don’t be afraid to ask for help. This is where our programs are the most beneficial in equipping you with the extra confidence. Whether you are looking to get into a selective school or opportunity class , our goal is to ensure that all our students understand the concepts, ask questions and continually improve to reach their desired goal. Our highly qualified tutors and outstanding selective schools results are an indication of our ongoing commitment to your academic success. If you want to find out more about how to study smarter for exams and tutoring success, take our assessment today.

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