English Tutoring in Sydney

We have best English Tutors and unlike others, at GEA children are taught to understand, think & learn.

Following our 5C methodology, students’ confidence is boosted, their engagement is lifted in and outside the classroom and most importantly, their passion for learning is ignited.

At Global Education Academy we offer tutoring near you in two locations in Sydney (Kogarah and Turramurra) in the two main core subjects: English & Maths tutoring and the Specialised Tutoring for the selective placement test and Scholarship Placement test. We also offer tutoring for the Opportunity Class (OC) Placement test.

English Tutoring in Sydney

English tutoring Centres at Global Education Academy are delivered using a scientific approach.

Following our research and methodology, we have developed a structured curriculum that includes all the components of the English language.
Our English tutoring methodology, curriculum and strategies are developed based on current research into education and cognition and follows Cognitive Load Theory, the leading theory into explicit learning.

Our English Tutoring Centres include all the pillars of the language:

  • Reading – strengthen students’ fluency and accuracy and consequently their confidence
  • Reading comprehension – different levels and different text types
  • Spelling – visual and auditory to activate the visual and the auditor memory in the brain.
  • Vocabulary – students learn 10-20 new words in every tutoring session
  • Grammar – all parts of speech
  • Syntax – types of sentences… etc
  • Punctuations
  • Writing – our English tutors focus on how to plan, write and edit in all genres.

Our English Tutoring Sydney Curriculum

We have the following English tutoring levels (for primary and high school tutoring):

  • Level 1: Early Stage 1 – Pre-School – Kindergarten- Year 1. This course aligns with the National Curriculum. Within Level 1 there are three sub-levels (we call them Circles, Triangles and Squares)
  • Level 2: Stage 1 Extension (Year 2 or advanced Year 1)
  • Level 3: Stage 2 Core Curriculum (Year 3 and advanced Year 2)
  • Level 4: Stage 2 Extension (Year 4 and advanced Year 3)
  • Level 5: Stage 3 Core Curriculum (Year 5 and advanced Year 4)
  • Level 6: Stage 3 Extension (Year 6 and advanced Year 5)
  • Level 7: Stage 4 – Core Curriculum (Year 7 and advanced Year 6)
  • Level 8: Stage 4 – Extension (Year 8 and advanced Year 7)
  • Years 9: HSC (one on one)

All levels 1 to 8 are offered in small tutoring groups (average 5 students in a group). All Year 9 to Year 12 tutoring sessions are offered on an individual tutoring basis. GEA can also arrange any level to be tutored on an individual basis.

Primary School English Tutoring Centres in Sydney Course Outlines

This is an early learning program which provides young children with the foundation skills to be competent and confident in their learning at school. It provides the base-line skills in reading, writing, spelling and grammar. These elements are integrated into a combined literacy session, including:

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  • Phonemic knowledge
  • Phonological processing
  • Spelling
  • Sight word acquisition
  • Vocabulary builder
  • Oral reading fluency
  • Reading comprehension at the visual and factual level
  • Handwriting
  • Early writing constructs

This course builds on the skills students are developing at school at the end of Early Stage 1. As with the Level 1 program, the sessions are integrated into a combined literacy session including focused units of work in the following key learning areas:

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  • Spelling constructs and spelling strategies
  • Decoding skills
  • Vocabulary builder and sight word recognition
  • Grammatical constructs and syntax development
  • Oral reading fluency
  • Reading comprehension at the literal level
  • Writing skills

This course also targets all the components that are tested in NAPLAN Year 3.

This course engages children in a wide range of stories and factual texts that build their understanding of the purposes of reading for meaning and enjoyment. Each unit contains specific tasks that teach the students how to construct their own texts when answering questions, as well as to write their own narratives, reports and recounts.
A key focus for Level 3 is the transition to reading and writing using more impersonal tense. Students are explicitly taught how to construct texts in first, second and third person, how to change verbs in singular and plural forms, and how to apply their knowledge of grammatical constructs to enhance their writing.
Each lesson unit contains an even mix of activities that teach oral and silent reading skills, comprehension skills, spelling strategies and writing. The course provides students with a solid foundation on which to build their skills, knowledge and confidence. It also includes all the components that are tested in NAPLAN Year 3.

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This course is for students in Stage 2. It integrates all areas of English into a consolidation course that inspires students to develop a love of learning when reading and writing for study and pleasure. At this level students have the capacity to engage in reading and writing a range of factual and narrative texts, with knowledge of their structure, purpose and language features. The course also targets all the components that are tested in NAPLAN Year 5.
In comprehending texts, students are taught how to answer comprehension questions at both the literal and inferential levels of comprehension. When spelling words, students are explicitly taught a wide range of spelling strategies that encourage them to listen to the sounds that letters and syllables make, as well as apply visual discrimination techniques.
A key focus of this course is the application of grammar in writing different written constructs. In Stage 2 students are required to have good understandings of parts of speech, syntax, language forms and language features for both reading and writing purposes. This course ensures mastery of these key elements and provides the students with a springboard for future learning.

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This course focuses on providing students with opportunities to read, as well as create, a wide variety of texts for different purposes, and to enjoy developing their English skills within the small group environment. It also covers all the components that are tested in NAPLAN Year 5.
A key focus for Level 5 is the transition to reading more factually-based texts that utilize more complex vocabulary, and to identify facts presented in texts that are not specifically stated. The students are specifically taught how to read for meaning, build their vocabulary knowledge and how to spell complex word forms using a range of spelling strategies. When constructing their own texts, students are taught the differences of purpose, structure and language features of each of the text types they are required to create at school.
At this level there is also a strong focus on developing comprehension skills at all levels of factual, inferential and creative understandings, which provides students with the competencies needed for the rigours of advanced literacy, literature and language learning as they move into the latter part of Stage 3 and ultimately to high school.

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This course opens the door to advanced learning in all areas of English. It provides extension opportunities for capable students to explore the realms of more sophisticated and complex vocabulary, as well as offer the students essential practice in all of the targeted literacy skills that will equip them well in high school. It also targets all the components that are tested in NAPLAN Year 7.
A key focus for Level 6 is the provision of a wide range of quality literature-based texts that promote greater appreciation of what quality literature is, and encourages the students to delve deeper into their own genres of preference when reading and creating texts for leisure and study.
This course will also include a highly specialised instructional unit on applying comprehension skills in a range of different formats for class purposes as well as internal and external assessment purposes.

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This course supports students as they move into the domains of high school curriculum. The demands of literacy across all subject areas is one of the reasons many students feel unable to cope with the changing methods of classroom delivery, complex teacher language and the expected standard of all written assignment work.
This course specifically provides students with the knowledge and skills to approach all tasks with confidence and competence and to engage in all key learning areas in ways that teach them the essence of what high school literacy and literature is all about.
Since the implementation of the Australian Curriculum there is now a stronger focus on students continuing to build their core basic skills in understanding grammar at a higher order level in order to construct quality pieces of text that demonstrate their ability to enhance writing through the application of language forms and features. This has been a neglected area of high school English for many years, but is now seen by the NSW Board of Studies as crucial in ensuring students become proficient users of English in both written and oral forms.
In ascertaining the skills that high school students demonstrate on entering Year 7, all students now across Australia sit NAPLAN at the beginning of Term 2. The Level 7 (Year 7) program includes a vital segment each session, during Term 1, on developing the primary skills required to perform well in this assessment program. Students are explicitly trained in all of the comprehension and grammar techniques as well as in the use of the Criterion Marking Method for assessing their writing tasks.
Another key facet of the Australian Curriculum for Stage 4 is the introduction of more media-based and visual texts. This course in Level 7 will now cover many key aspects of the syllabus outcomes in this area to ensure students are fully conversant with recognising and analysing a range of techniques for studying visual texts, and in using multi-modalities in their own creation of visual and media-based texts. It also has all the components that are tested in NAPLAN Year 7.

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This course in essence contains the same fundamental elements of the Level 7 course, but explores beyond this to encourage students to develop more independent proficiency when interpreting and completing assignment work, and in their own study habits in English. It also has all the components that are tested in NAPLAN Year 9.
One of the key focal aspects, contained in each term’s program, is the study of how technology is impacting on change in the way students engage in literacy, language and literature tasks at school, and also how the devices, tools and resources are shaping how students learn at school.
Students undertaking this course in will be well-prepared and be provided with the tools, skills and strategies to progress to Stage 5 with knowledge, confidence and high levels of self-esteem. Above all, it is hoped they will develop a life-long love of learning, and a desire to delve deeper into the realms of superlative literature.

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In Year 9 students are given early exposure to the literature and critical thinking required of them in later years, ensuring their learning contributes to their familiarity and confidence when they study English at HSC level. It also has all the components that are tested in NAPLAN Year 9.
This course builds on the key foundation skills developed during Stage 4, providing opportunities for students to study specific examples of quality literature in which they can make comparisons to issues prevalent in everyday life today. This critical task links the purpose of studying famous literary artists, such as Dickens and Shakespeare, as well as many of their renowned works in poetic and prose form, in a way that engages them in meaningful literature studies.
One of the focus aspects of this specific English course is the provision of targeted instructional units of work that explicitly teach students to analyse tasks, use critical analysis of tasks and to interpret more complex literary language, concepts and text formats. Many students at this stage in their learning struggle with the basic concepts of interpreting assignment work their teachers expect them to complete as part of home study. This course supports students in this process, providing them with modelled examples and many practical applications to build confidence and competence when completing any given assessment or assignment task.
Students undertaking this course will gain considerable insight into the standards of English skills expected at the completion of the early part of Stage 5, to then promote in them a desire to achieve their highest degree of academic potential as they move into Year 10. It is also hoped that the students will develop a love of literature, and strive to gain higher order analytical and appreciation skills when engaging in a range of literature texts, in order to extend their knowledge and enjoyment of these quality literature works of art.

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Meet Our Expert English Tutors Sydney

Faculty - Nancy


”Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts; it is acquiring understanding.” – William Arthur Ward
  • My name is Nancy. I have worked as an English teacher for 9 years. My specialty and teaching experience includes all proficiency levels of English, from basic to advance. I have extensive experience in teaching IELTS. I have earned experience in dealing with all age ranges, from primary school to adults. I am very patient with studnets and quite passionate about teaching for understanding and enabling students to reach their full potential. I love working at GEA as it allows me to change students’ lives. If I can make one student love learning, I am happy that day.
Faculty - Charley-Liu


“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” — Confucius
  • Hi, my name is Charley Liu and I am a high school English/HSIE/Legal Studies teacher. I am a passionate and dedicated educator. I enjoy creativity and the unique challenges posed by educating our young people to prepare them for a changing and unpredictable future. Since graduating from university, I have been permanently employed and taught at a school in Western Sydney. I have had the privilege of teaching students from a range of backgrounds and different abilities. I enjoy working with young people and inspiring them to believe in themselves and to achieve the best that they can. Together we can make the world a better place!


 “Education is what survives when what has been learnt has been forgotten.” - B.F. Skinner
  • Gary has extensive experience teaching English from Year 6 to HSC Advanced level.  He has worked with the Department of Education, Catholic Education for many years and has taught and authored curriculum for Academic Writing.  He brings a wealth of teaching experience, a mature presence in the classroom with a focus on academic achievement, all delivered with empathy, patience and humour.  Writing is Gary’s passion.

Our English tutoring caters for students who want to get a head of the game and be on the top of the class as well as the ones who seek to be comfortable in the class. Also for parents who are seeking a different type of tutoring. They want their child to learn how to think and how to problem solve. If a student has an untapped potential our expert tutors will identify that potential and we can put them on pathway to prepare for OC test, Selective test, scholarship test or gifted classes. Our maths tutoring unlocks your child’s full potential.

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Dear GEA staff and teachers, I can’t believe Ema’s Year 6 journey is over. The last 2 years were very difficult in many ways and obviously made Ema’s preparation for selective and scholarship exams quite challenging. I have to thank all of the GEA staff and teachers from the bottom of my heart as even though there was a lot of “unknown” in our kids’ lives they made Ema’s study journey so much easier. Clear communication, very approachable staff helping us to navigate with online learning and most of all dedicated teachers helping our kids with their preparation for the exams and overall progress in their studies…


I cannot Thank Global Education Academy enough, I thought by enrolling my son to a private school he is receiving the best education possible. I was so wrong.  Since kindergarten, his report was not that great, and I was a super concern, and whenever I raised my concerns with his class teacher I was told not worry, every kid is different and that he was doing well.

After reaching out to Global Education Academy within the first two weeks I could see the difference.

I am not sure what magic spell Kate is using on my son, but it is working! Thank you, Kate, for making my son believe in his ability, I am super confident that he is in good hands. I cannot wait to see his school report.


“Hello, I thought I’d share some positive feedback on my son, Zac, tutoring experience from GEA Kogarah. He thoroughly enjoys his lessons with Ms Caroline each week so much so he looks forward to them. He finds learning fun even being on zoom. I have to say that if it wasn’t for her tutoring “pro-ess” and ability to keep him engaged he would definitely be further behind with the impact of COVID / homeschooling. Please pass on thanks and kudos. Cheers”


“Just so you know yesterday I observed Aidan doing his online tutoring classes and I must say I was impressed. Your platform is much better than what his school is currently using and I actually think he enjoyed the work which is great! He seemed quite focused and engaged with what the class is doing which was good to see.”

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