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Maximise your child's chances in the New Selective School or Scholarship Test

Selective Mock Tests with Feedback

  • Practice under exam conditions
  • Full immediate feedback after each test
  • Tests are close in structure, content and difficulty level as the actual test
  • Give your child the confidence to perform their best

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Your child will enjoy

  • Sitting a test that is very close in structure, content and difficulty level as the actual test.
  • Sitting a test under exam conditions.
  • Full immediate feedback for each test.
  • Test can be taken home for more practice (for face to face students).
  • Classes will be recorded (online students) so you can go back to the feedback whenever you need.
This course is the perfect practice for the test for students sitting the selective placement test in 2024.

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9:00AM – 3:30PM

(9am – 12pm – test, followed by 12.30pm – 3.30pm feedback)

Summer: Monday to Thursday 22 – 25 January 2024 (4 days)


Autumn: Tuesday to Friday 16 – 19 April 2024 (4 days)

Turramurra (Full)

Kogarah (Full)

Online (3 spots left)

Students sitting the 2024 Selective Placement

Kogarah, Turramurra & live online


Please provide choice of days under ‘Additional information’ when enrolling.

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Maximum of 10 students in each class. Limited spots available.

Kogarah 1 day - $197
Kogarah 2 days - $344 (save $50)
Kogarah 3 days - $516 (save $75)
Kogarah 4 days - $688 (save $100)
Kogarah 5 days - $797 (save $188)
Turramurra 1 day - $197
Turramurra 2 days - $344 (save $50)
Turramurra 3 days - $516 (save $75)
Turramurra 4 days - $688 (save $100)
Turramurra 5 days - $797 (save $188)
Online 1 day - $197
Online 2 days - $344 (save $50)
Online 3 days - $516 (save $75)
Online 4 days - $688 (save $100)
Online 5 days - $797 (save $188)

Why it works

  • Your child is taught by a highly qualified teacher with extensive experience
  • Your child is actually learning rather than just doing worksheets
  • Individualised support in a small class of less than 10 students
  • Teacher feedback on exactly how your child is tracking
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Dear GEA staff and teachers, I can’t believe Ema’s Year 6 journey is over. The last 2 years were very difficult in many ways and obviously made Ema’s preparation for selective and scholarship exams quite challenging. I have to thank all of the GEA staff and teachers from the bottom of my heart as even though there was a lot of “unknown” in our kids’ lives they made Ema’s study journey so much easier. Clear communication, very approachable staff helping us to navigate with online learning and most of all dedicated teachers helping our kids with their preparation for the exams and overall progress in their studies…


I cannot Thank Global Education Academy enough, I thought by enrolling my son to a private school he is receiving the best education possible. I was so wrong.  Since kindergarten, his report was not that great, and I was a super concern, and whenever I raised my concerns with his class teacher I was told not worry, every kid is different and that he was doing well.

After reaching out to Global Education Academy within the first two weeks I could see the difference.

I am not sure what magic spell Kate is using on my son, but it is working! Thank you, Kate, for making my son believe in his ability, I am super confident that he is in good hands. I cannot wait to see his school report.


“Hello, I thought I’d share some positive feedback on my son, Zac, tutoring experience from GEA Kogarah. He thoroughly enjoys his lessons with Ms Caroline each week so much so he looks forward to them. He finds learning fun even being on zoom. I have to say that if it wasn’t for her tutoring “pro-ess” and ability to keep him engaged he would definitely be further behind with the impact of COVID / homeschooling. Please pass on thanks and kudos. Cheers”


“Just so you know yesterday I observed Aidan doing his online tutoring classes and I must say I was impressed. Your platform is much better than what his school is currently using and I actually think he enjoyed the work which is great! He seemed quite focused and engaged with what the class is doing which was good to see.”

maths tutoring sydney

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