Australia's leading research-based learning centre

Global Education Academy (GEA) has evolved as a result of the founder’s, Dr Majeda Awawdeh, passion for teaching, her research into Cognitive Load Theory and the belief that education and knowledge should be shared. In 2011 Global Tutoring was established. Within two years, it evolved to Global Education Academy. As a research-based learning centre, GEA converges research and teaching methods. We put the theory into practice and transform the learning experience.

Dr Awawdeh’s previous experience at UNSW managing and writing International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) mathematics as well as the complex field of large-scale assessments gave her an immeasurable insight into the specific learning needs of students. She also has extensive experience with writing General Achievement Test (GAT) for mathematics. Teaching mathematics in high schools for more than 25 years instilled in her an appreciation for teaching for UNDERSTANDING.

Dr Awawdeh founded a like-minded team of educators who believe in teaching for understanding. Our teachers are all trained by our founder and share the same values and dedications.

Most importantly, our commitment for teaching for understanding is the driving force behind the existence of this centre.  We have created an exceptional learning experience for all students and are dedicated to maintaining a safe environment. Our students are reaching new heights, improving their results amazingly fast and growing their self-esteem and self-confidence. These successes stem from our outstanding team, our well-designed units based on Cognitive Load Theory and our passion for teaching.

GEA family welcomes you on board and looks forward to making its mark on your child’s learning journey. Our team is very approachable, so please feel comfortable in dropping by or give us a call to discuss your child’s needs.

Our Vision

Global Education Academy is the epicentre of transformational learning, which happens when research and learning converge. Our goal is for our students to have a learning experience that will shift the way they think and understand.

‘Teaching for understanding’ is our motto. We apply it to every lesson, every session and every conversation with our students. We know that understanding leads learners to achieve success not only with their current studies but later in life and their careers.

We make a difference every day!

Our Mission

Every moment at GEA is a learning opportunity. We strive to enable students to understand concepts deeply, and not just focus on procedures. By minimising cognitive load, students’ learning and understanding of concepts is enhanced. It is our belief that when students experience positive and empowering feelings about learning, they will achieve their goals. We never give up on any student.