Year 2 English Tutoring

For many students, the English language can be a difficult & confusing subject.

But with the help of a good English Tutor, they can start to build their confidence and understand its many complexities. At Global Education Academy (GEA) our English Tutor will have a deep understanding of the subject matter and will be able to explain things in a way that is easy to understand.

As a research-based learning centre, Global Education Academy children are taught to understand, think and learn. We teach in small groups (average 5 students per group), following our 5C methodology, students’ confidence is boosted, their engagement is expressed in and outside the classroom and most importantly, their passion for learning is ignited.

If you have searched ‘Year 2 English Tutor Sydney’ then look no further. At Global Education Academy we offer Maths tutors and English tutors near you in two locations in Sydney (Kogarah and Turramurra) in the two main core subjects, Maths tutoring and English tutoring, with specialised tutoring for the selective placement test, scholarship placement tests and also the opportunity class (OC) Placement test.

Year 2 English Tutoring Sydney

GEA is a scientific and research-based Learning Centre. We have developed a structured curriculum that includes all the components of the English language.

  • Reading – strengthen students’ fluency and accuracy and consequently boost their confidence
  • Reading Comprehension – we target different levels of comprehension and different text types
  • Spelling – we use visual and auditory strategies to activate the visual and the auditory memory in the brain
  • Vocabulary – students learn 10-20 new words in every tutoring session which broaden their bank of more academic words
  • Grammar & Syntax – we target all parts of speech and all type of sentences
  • Punctuations – we teach all the punctuation rules required at this level
  • Writing – our Year 2 English tutors focus on how to plan, write and edit in all genres. We also teach the art of writing a good paragraph using high school strategies but at a primary school level.

Year 2 English Tutoring Methodology

Our Year 2 English follows a strict Tutoring methodology with our curriculum and strategy based on current research into cognition. The curriculum follows our Five-C-Methodology and Cognitive Load Theory, the lead theory into explicit learning.

The GEA English Tutoring course tutors explain each concept at a deeper level and make sure your child understands it thoroughly. Following this, strategies are explained and demonstrated and linked to the concept tutored so your child can solve the questions with understanding.

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In our Year 2 English tutoring course, your child will:

Aside from learn in an environment where teachers engage, support and empower them to feel more confident

Aside from learn in an environment where teachers engage, support and empower them to feel more confident
Become a critical thinker & master our unique problem-solving technique
Receive individual attention & support in our small group class
Ignite their passion for learning through our unique teaching style
Build a strong conceptual understanding of key concepts in English
Prepare for Year 3 NAPLAN

Year 2 English Tutoring Course Outlines Sydney

When students complete a whole year with us, improvement at school is certain. Our Year 2 English tutoring course is offered in a 2-hour English tutoring block per week for a school term (for term-by-term enrolment) or a whole year for students who are on a yearly enrolment.

Every week 9 of each term students complete an Assessment for Learning. The purpose of the assessment is to provide more learning for students in the concepts and areas they need. The Year 2 English tutor (teacher) provides complete feedback for the students going through the assessment question by question. We also keep Parents informed by providing a comprehensive report that shows numerical values for each component of the assessment. In week 10, they complete a revision and recap for the whole term and get more feedback on their writing.

This Year 2 English tutoring course also targets all the components that are tested in Year 3 NAPLAN. Our Year 2 English tutoring course consolidates students’ knowledge and gives them a head start for Year 3.

Research-based Coaching & Tutoring
Your child learns through our unique Five-C Method™ which is based on Cognitive Load Theory.

Who can benefit?

Our English tutoring caters for students who want to get ahead of the game and be at the top of the class, as well as the ones who seek to be more confident in their learning environment. Our program will benefit parents who want their child to learn how to think and how to problem solve, but also to understand. This is core to our teaching methodology which all our experienced English Tutors live and breathe.

Education is a lifelong journey; our proven teaching methodology can put your child on the pathway to better prepare for their future. Specialising in OC Tests, Selective Tests or gifted classes, contact GEA today! Speak to our Maths and English Tutors to unlock your child’s future potential!

In our Year 2 English tutoring course, your child will:

Learn in an environment where teachers engage, support and empower them to feel more confident & parents receive immediate feedback on each session via our parents’ portal.

Become an independent learner with a passion for learning
Receive individual attention and support in our small group tutoring class
Ignite their passion for learning through our unique teaching style
Strengthen their understanding of all the components of the English language & reach the level required for senior primary school years
Selective Schools Tutoring
Learn all the areas assessed in NAPLAN

Why the Year 2 English Tutoring
course works

Our tutors are long term employees, so we ensure your child has the same tutor. We also have Homework help tutoring sessions are free of charge at GEA. Students can bring their school homework and will help them for free. Research-based curriculum developed based on recent research in Cognitive Load Theory- explicit learning.


Highly qualified teachers

Your child is taught by a professional teacher with extensive experience

Immediate teacher feedback

Our smart systems and personalised reports tell you exactly how your child is tracking.

Students actually learn

Your child is learning rather than just doing worksheets.

Individualised support

Small class sizes of no more than eight students.

We won't overwhelm you with homework

Your child will receive just enough quality homework for real understanding and free homework help sessions.

Unlocking full potential

Our roadmaps ensure significant improvement to realise your child’s potential.

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english tutoring sydney
english tutoring sydney

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