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Dr Awawdeh had an extensive experience teaching mathematics at a high school level when she made it her mission to find out why students find mathematics too challenging. Her research into mathematics education and cognition gave her the secret sauce for teaching for understanding. After completing her PhD at UNSW, she decided to put the theory into practice and started Global Education Academy.

Dr Awawdeh’s previous experience at UNSW managing and writing International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) mathematics as well as the complex field of large-scale assessments gave her an immeasurable insight into the specific learning needs of students.

She also has extensive experience with writing General Achievement Test (GAT) for mathematics. Teaching mathematics in high schools for more than 25 years instilled in her an appreciation for teaching for UNDERSTANDING.

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At our Tutoring Sydney Centre , we make a difference every day by... Changing the way children are taught to understand, think and learn.

Global Education Academy (GEA) has evolved as a result of the founder’s, Dr Majeda Awawdeh, passion for teaching, her research into Cognitive Load Theory and the belief that education and knowledge should be shared. In 2011 Global Tutoring was established. Within two years, it evolved into Global Education Academy. As a research-based learning centre, GEA converges research and teaching methods. We put the theory into practice and transform the learning experience.

Our high-quality teachers deliver an award-winning structured curriculum across core subjects and unique problem-solving UPSL™ Strategy through our Five-C Method™. This approach helps students thrive by unlocking a world of confidence and possibilities.”

Join GEA to unlock your child’s boundless potential through exclusive access to our elite Learning Community, which offers high-value connections and unforgettable adventures. By becoming a part of our Global Learning Movement, you can help lead the way in comprehensive education and fund education for those less fortunate. Dive into a world of infinite possibilities with GEA.

Our Vision – Our vision is to become a forward-thinking Global Learning Movement that connects an elite community and leads the way in promoting explicit learning on a global scale.

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For discerning parents devoted to advancing their child’s performance and potential, Global Education Academy is the exclusive Tutoring Academy empowering them with the ability to change the way their child is taught to understand, think and learn for life.

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maths tutoring sydney



Dear GEA staff and teachers, I can’t believe Ema’s Year 6 journey is over. The last 2 years were very difficult in many ways and obviously made Ema’s preparation for selective and scholarship exams quite challenging. I have to thank all of the GEA staff and teachers from the bottom of my heart as even though there was a lot of “unknown” in our kids’ lives they made Ema’s study journey so much easier. Clear communication, very approachable staff helping us to navigate with online learning and most of all dedicated teachers helping our kids with their preparation for the exams and overall progress in their studies…


I cannot Thank Global Education Academy enough, I thought by enrolling my son to a private school he is receiving the best education possible. I was so wrong.  Since kindergarten, his report was not that great, and I was a super concern, and whenever I raised my concerns with his class teacher I was told not worry, every kid is different and that he was doing well.

After reaching out to Global Education Academy within the first two weeks I could see the difference.

I am not sure what magic spell Kate is using on my son, but it is working! Thank you, Kate, for making my son believe in his ability, I am super confident that he is in good hands. I cannot wait to see his school report.


“Hello, I thought I’d share some positive feedback on my son, Zac, tutoring experience from GEA Kogarah. He thoroughly enjoys his lessons with Ms Caroline each week so much so he looks forward to them. He finds learning fun even being on zoom. I have to say that if it wasn’t for her tutoring “pro-ess” and ability to keep him engaged he would definitely be further behind with the impact of COVID / homeschooling. Please pass on thanks and kudos. Cheers”


“Just so you know yesterday I observed Aidan doing his online tutoring classes and I must say I was impressed. Your platform is much better than what his school is currently using and I actually think he enjoyed the work which is great! He seemed quite focused and engaged with what the class is doing which was good to see.”

maths tutoring sydney

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Dr Majeda Awawdeh

Founder of Global Education Academy

Dr Majeda Awawdeh, the founder of Global Education Academy, has completed a PhD degree at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Mathematics Education and Cognitive Load Theory. She also holds a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences, a Bachelor degree in Education, and a Masters Degree (with high distinction) in Mathematics Education.Global Education Academy is the only learning centre in Australia that is research-based. It embodies the culmination of an educational philosophy shaped by Dr Awawdeh’s teaching career and her research into cognition and teaching methodology.Dr Majeda has extensive knowlege in large scale assessment such as ICAS, NAPLAN, Selective, Scholarships and also the GAT assessments. She managed ICAS maths for many years previously.
Faculty - Patty Dinklemann



Hi, I am Patty Dinkelmann. I have taught English, Maths and Music full-time since 1983 and have been tutoring individuals and groups for the last 10 years. I love working with children and helping them to become the best individuals they can be. I believe a good education, which teaches one to think independently, is absolutely essential for success in life. A disciplined interactive environment where all students are encouraged to participate is the best place to learn.
Faculty - denise


Head Teacher

I have had my qualifications recognised by NESA and the NSW Dept of Education. I have over 35 years experience as a Primary School teacher. I have prepared students for the Maths Olympiad with outstanding results. I taught at an International School which followed the British Cambridge system (IB).I held several positions including the Head of Department and Deputy School Principal for many years. I have a passion for teaching and believe that the learning environment should always be stimulating and engaging.
Faculty - David Spencer



I began my career in engineering, computer science and corporate education and have followed my interest in education by teaching Mathematics since 1985. I also have experience as a numeracy coordinator in a primary school. I have taught HSC Mathematics from General to Extension and taught support classes for Maths students with learning difficulties. I have recent experience teaching International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program Maths (IB MYP Maths) and I am a member of the Mathematical Association of NSW (MANSW). In addition, I have taught Mathematics to university level and have taught Science and Computer Science to Stage 5 students.I am interested in using available research evidence to bring effectiveness into the classroom and to promote student confidence and understanding.
Faculty - Grieg-McArthur



I was educated in South Australia and then subsequently worked as a teacher for the Northern Territory Department of Education for more than 39 years. I taught mathematics from years 8 to 12. My Master of Education research paper examined mathematics as a cultural construct. The notion of teaching junior secondary mathematics with cultural inclusivity was explored. I taught a mathematics enrichment program for year 9 students as part of their transition to year 10 mathematics at a senior college and undertook visits to feeder middle schools to promote mathematics at a senior college. I believe mathematics is an important life skill that follows you throughout life, I want to help students realise that they can enjoy it and love as I do.
Faculty - Alastair

Dr Alastair


I have over five years’ experience teaching primary, secondary and university students. I gained this while pursuing my Doctor of Philosophy in English, written on utopian intersections in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, which was awarded in 2016. As a result of the breadth of experiences I have had teaching students across the spectrum of ages and year levels, I am particularly interested in the fostering of writing skills in students, particularly the importance of clear structure, insightful and original responses to texts and accurate grammar and spelling. Given the importance of communication in the modern world, I believe that a strong grasp of language, coupled with confidence in writing, is one of the most valuable skills for any individual to work towards.
Faculty - Andrew-Chuter



Andrew is a dedicated maths teacher with over 20 years classroom experience. He has taught at Waverley College and in the Foundation program for international students at UNSW Global. Possessing a deep love for maths and complex problem solving, his engaging and visual teaching style makes learning fun for all abilities.He has taught the Australian Mathematics Trust enrichment classes, tutored at the prestigious National Mathematics Summer School at ANU, taught up to HSC Mathematics Ext II and tutored at Sydney University.From 2011 to 2013, Andrew worked with Dr Majeda Awawdeh writing and critically reviewing materials for the ICAS Mathematics tests which are held in 41 countries.Having taught many students from non-English speaking backgrounds, Andrew is able to communicate sophisticated concepts using diagrams and simple language. He believes that the role of the teacher is not just to give the answers, but to point students in the right direction at each blockage in understanding so they may find the solution for themselves.
Faculty - Lee-Abrahart



Hello, my name is Lee. I am a qualified primary school teacher with a passion for literacy, language and literature. While I have experience teaching children across all key learning areas, I am especially interested in English. Helping students unlock the power of words, to develop a love of reading and joy in writing, is for me, the overall goal of every lesson. When students become confident readers and writers they thrive, not only in English, but across the whole curriculum.
Faculty - Elinka-Jacobs



I’m a qualified teacher with extensive experience in education. I have taught is various schools and am presently employed by the NSW Department of Education teaching K-6 students. I have also created an app called StartSmart which helps children make an easy transition to a “big school”.
Faculty -Sami



I have experience teaching a wide range of subjects including Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Junior Science. I spent many years as a Head of Science in a high school and I am passionate about teaching and lifelong learning.I am aware of the need for quality teaching and I promote a quality teaching environment. As part of this, I have high expectations of my students and I offer extension activities to address their strengths and talents. I make sure my lessons are well-planned while giving importance to a variety of learning strategies.I develop and implement strategies, which allow students to further develop their skills, grow knowledge and increase understanding of the topic. I always use a wide range of practical activities, which are interesting and enjoyable for junior students with the aim of developing a comprehensive level of both skill and knowledge. I aim for the development of students as independent workers and encourage them to achieve their full potential.
Faculty -Judy



Hi , I am Judy, I am recognised as a highly accomplished teacher, with accreditation by NESA. I have been teaching for the last 40 years. I have taught English, Maths, Geography, Commerce, Economics and Business Studies.My teaching experience includes all ability levels in government and private schools. I have managed teacher accreditation for over a hundred teachers to ensure achievement of student learning outcomes and outstanding NAPLAN results.I have written several textbooks, journal articles and professional learning materials. I have presented my research at international and national conferences, and been on the executive of several professional associations.I spent many years as a head of faculty and more recently as Dean of Administration at a prestigious private school. I am passionate about teaching and lifelong learning.
Faculty - Nancy


Head Teacher

My name is Nancy. I have worked as an English teacher for 9 years. My specialty and teaching experience includes all proficiency levels of English, from basic to advance. I have extensive experience in teaching IELTS. I have earned experience in dealing with all age ranges, from primary school to adults. I am very patient with studnets and quite passionate about teaching for understanding and enabling students to reach their full potential. I love working at GEA as it allows me to change students' lives. If I can make one student love learning, I am happy that day.
Faculty - James-Cullen



Hi, my name is James Cullen and I am a tutor and a physicist. I have 8 years’ experience tutoring every level of high school mathematics. I believe having a solid understanding of mathematics and problem solving is essential for high academic achievement and for making informed decisions in all facets of life. Thus, I aim to teach my students in a way that fosters mathematical and logical thinking to maximise their results in high school and beyond.
Faculty - Sheryl-Alejandro



As a versatile educator, I have obtained great wealth of knowledge and experience in working with children from preschool to high school. My passion for teaching young minds has enabled me to provide holistic and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities to my students, particularly helping children facilitate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.For many years, I have experienced initiating and collaborating with learning professionals in planning, developing and implementing curriculum and programs as well as creating and developing individualised education plans. Using the student-focused pedagogy I help my students to pay more attention, utilise more learning capacities, lessen their stress/pressure, and foster a positive learning approach.Watching my students take responsibility in learning is counted as a victory for me. As a highly compassionate and committed educator, with a passion for life-long learning, my goal is to instil a love for learning into my students, build a sense of confidence, motivate them in achieving their goals and help them maximise their full potential.
Faculty - Charley-Liu



Hi, my name is Charley Liu and I am a high school English/HSIE/Legal Studies teacher. I am a passionate and dedicated educator. I enjoy creativity and the unique challenges posed by educating our young people to prepare them for a changing and unpredictable future. Since graduating from university, I have been permanently employed and taught at a school in Western Sydney. I have had the privilege of teaching students from a range of backgrounds and different abilities. I enjoy working with young people and inspiring them to believe in themselves and to achieve the best that they can. Together we can make the world a better place!
Faculty - Kate



My name is Kate Huston. I have been teaching English and Social Studies at the elementary and high school levels for 8 years. I am passionate about giving students the tools they need to develop their independent critical thinking skills. I know that memorizing facts is pointless if students can not then apply what they have learned to their lives, both academically and socially. Education holds the key to opportunities that for many children would otherwise remain locked away.
Faculty - Jodie-Escolme



Hi, my name is Jodie. I have been working as an educator in primary schools across Sydney for 15 years. I am a passionate and enthusiastic educator committed to ensuring every student is a successful learner for life. I am fortunate to have a profession where I love what I do – teaching and watching learning happen – and I do so in manner that is engaging and highly motivating for students.I believe strongly in developing nurturing and supportive relationships with each individual student to enable them to take risks, feel valued as learners and strive to achieve their personal best in all aspects of education. I have a light humoured and approachable manner and am always keen to drop a good pun or share a ‘dad’ joke.I have a huge adoration and love for quality literature and language, as it has such wonderful ways to grow your thoughts, words and way of seeing the world. Just as the saying of ‘there is no such thing as a child (person) who does not like to read, they just haven’t found the right book’ I feel the same way for students and learning. Knowledge is power and I take great delight in seeing the transformation effect this can have on learners.When I’m not educating minds, I enjoy travelling, entertaining, cooking, as well as being crafty and creative. I also love a good coffee and getting lost in a great book.
Faculty - Sarah-Tedeschi



I’ve been working in education for about 3 years now as well as volunteered in non-profit outreaches for kids in the community. For my completion of my BAS, and for the duration of my studies, I spent time in the classroom learning teaching techniques and management skills from highly qualified teachers. Therefore, I have much experience in the classroom. I completed my bachelor’s at GCU in three years and I am now studying at Hillsong College with an emphasis in Pastoral studies. I am very passionate about empowering students to grow while building confidence a long the way. My goal as a teacher is to inspire students to grow in their desire to learn and become more confident with their abilities a long the way.
Faculty - Caroline



Hi my name is Caroline. I am a trained teacher with more than 17 years’ experience in the primary sector. I have worked in mainstream and bilingual schools. My teaching has covered all year groups in primary school with an emphasis on helping to meet the needs of students in Maths and English. I have worked with students with specific needs and gifted students.I am a member of the NSW Institute of Teachers with accreditation to teach K-6 students. I am passionate about teaching, helping students to become lifelong learners and for them to reach their potential.I enjoy being at Global Education Academy and working with a talented team of dedicated professionals. I am first time grandmother and love spending time with my grandson.
Faculty Amanda



Hi, I am Amanda. I have been teaching primary students since 1992 when I was offered a permanent teaching position due to being selected as a targeted graduate student.I have taught in the Sutherland Shire, St George and Bankstown districts for over 20 years. I have also had more than 8 years’ experience in private tutoring.I have developed and implemented programs that cater for all ability levels, including programs for students with learning difficulties as well as programs for students in gifted and talented classes. I have experience and knowledge of marking written texts for students preparing for the selective test.I am passionate about learning and making a difference to students’ educational journeys. I apply Global Education Academy principles of teaching for understanding and love it when I see it’s working.
Faculty Siavosh



Hi There! My name is Siavosh and I have been tutoring since 2012. I have always been a big believer in education being the key to success and happiness. I believe the more knowledge we have at our disposal, the wider our scope for imagination and creativity, which is the key to human progress. I thoroughly enjoy helping students with their academic goals by providing them with the tools they need to succeed and assisting them to learn and create. I look forward to waking up every morning and making a difference to children’s lives.
Faculty Mira-Zuber



Hi, I am Mira.My goal as a teacher is to enhance all forms of reading and writing strategies. I also love helping students to build their problem-solving skills. Learning to look at a problem, whether in a textbook or in life and come up with a plan is an important skill to master. I always have the learners in the centre. I believe that the best method of teaching is what my students respond to. Hence, I constantly adapt my teaching method based on the learners in front of me. I enjoy working at GEA as it gives me the opportunity to make a difference every day.
Belinda Faculty



Hi, my name is Belinda. I am a committed educator who has been teaching for the past two years. My philosophy of teaching is to be an inspiring role model in making a positive difference in students’ lives. As a teacher, I aim to construct an inclusive learning environment in which learning is valued for all diverse students. I am passionate about preparing young learners to lead successful and productive lives by providing a strong foundation for lifelong learning. I am thrilled to be actively involved in the Global Education Academy team where I can collaborate with passionate colleagues to inspire our students by enriching their learning whilst building their sense of confidence.
Brian-White Faculty



While recently retired, I had 10 years’ experience as a selective high school English teacher and taught all levels from Year Seven to the HSC. I have also had experience in marking both NAPLAN and the HSC. In addition, I have taught Business Communication at TAFE and English literacy for adult migrants. I am very impressed by the highly professional resources available to me at Global Education Academy. I love being part of the team.
Maret Faculty



I am a passionate and dedicated teacher with over six years’ experience teaching in both Government and Catholic schools, including lower secondary. Part of my role also involves working with small groups of children to help improve their literacy and numerical abilities.I have also worked as a tutor for a number of years, teaching English, writing and mathematics, and enjoy helping children reach their full potential.



Lynn-Mumford Faculty



Hi, I am Lynn. I have been teaching since 1993, firstly as a High school teacher and later I had the opportunity to teach in Japan, where I taught English for 5 years. Returning to Australia I completed my Bachelor of Teaching and my Primary School career started. After 5 years of teaching EAL to Primary students, I moved with my family to Dubai where I was the Director of a Nursery.I have taught in the Sutherland Shire for over 20 years. I have also had more than 5 years’ experience in private tutoring.I have developed and implemented programs that cater for all ability levels, including programs for students with learning difficulties as well as programs for students in gifted and talented classes. I have experience and knowledge of marking written texts for students preparing for the selective test
angela-mckenzie Faculty



Hi, my name is Angela and I’m a French, Japanese and English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D) teacher. From a young age, I’ve been passionate about teaching and the role of education in bringing out each child’s potential. I believe that all students can achieve, given enough time and the right support, and that learning to think critically and independently are the most important skills we can develop. We’re also living in an age where language, and the ability to communicate meaningfully with people from a wide variety of perspectives, is more important than ever; and that being able to express yourself articulately can benefit every aspect of your life. I emphasise a positive learning environment where students feel comfortable having a go and asking questions.
kosta-tsanidis Faculty



Hi, my name is Kosta and I am a tutor and scientist. I have about 8 years experience tutoring various levels of high school Mathematics and Science. I have a genuine love of learning and discovery- something which I hope to pass on to the students I teach. Not only is it fun to learn, but I believe that education is one of the most important aspects of life, and something that positively affects the individual and society overall.
Vicky-Zhai Faculty



Hi, my name is Vicky and I am a tutor currently completing my education degree at the University of New South Wales. I have 5 years’ experience tutoring primary students and tutoring English to secondary students. My belief is that every student has potential to grow, think critically, be confident and imaginative. Developing a strong base of skills and knowledge is also essential to my teaching philosophy, because there is no better indication of learning than when a child uses what has been taught to think, problem solve, and create something independently or with others. It is my privilege to be able to work in a team of qualified educators who value nurturing young minds.
Jeremy Faculty



I possess a record of achievement in a broad range of areas, principally within the Arts and Culture, although my focus for the past ten years has been sharpened within the realm of education while embarking upon a PhD Research Project investigating the processes of socio-political and cultural transformation, and the notion of Renaissance.My pedagogical experience includes Lecturer and Tutor in the Faculty of Arts and Behavioural Sciences at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, within the departments of Philosophy, Politics and History. I also taught English at primary school level as well as EFL at International House Bogotá, Colombia.In addition, I have taught primary and secondary school students from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, specialising in Content-Area, Disciplinary and Media Literacy.I am excited by the opportunity to be working at Global Education Academy and to elucidate the curiosity inherent within young students minds.
Ramya-Kurmala Faculty



I am secondary English teacher with a Masters in teaching. I am passionate about moving education forward through integrating 21st century teaching practices into the classroom and curriculum, including inquiry-based learning.
Raj Faculty



With a passion for Science and Mathematics, I am a positive and motivated teaching professional who is committed to providing students with a dynamic and interesting learning environment to grow and develop naturally. I have been teaching for 36 years, I am familiar with and experienced in the NSW school curriculum and keep on top of the latest resources and trends. With a B Sc in Computer Science, majoring in Mathematics & Physics, and a Diploma in Secondary Education, I am an esteemed member of the GEA professional team.I am keen to use the knowledge that I have in professional teaching, management and learning skills, to enhance students’ growth and appreciation of Maths.
Celeste-McKelvie Faculty



Hi, I’m Celeste. I am a qualified and dedicated teacher with experience in both one-on-one and group tutoring sessions in both literacy and teaching English as a Second Language. I also have experience in teaching courses that complement learning, such as Study Skills and Transitioning to High School, which prepares me for not just the implementing of curriculum, but with allowing social and emotional learning to prosper in my classroom.



sujit - Faculty






Hi, I’m Adriana and I am currently completing my Bachelor of Education (Primary) at The University of Sydney. From a young age I have been passionate about teaching and have always known I wanted to become a teacher. I am an enthusiastic, friendly, approachable, and caring person who is dedicated to helping my students develop their skills and learn. I have taught from Kindergarten to Year 12 and have covered all curriculum areas, with a particular interest in teaching Mathematics. Besides the classroom I love travelling, cooking, pottery, board games and spending quality time with my family and friends.


Senior Teacher

The reasons why I chose to become a teacher are numerous. One of them is, coming from a family of teachers I developed a passion for teaching quite early in life. I recall what my grandfather used to humorously say, “it’s a family business!” So, for as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a teacher. It may sound like a cliché, but as a teacher one gets an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. A positive influence in the classroom can be just as important as one at home.


Senior Teacher

Andrew Waterspoon - Faculty



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