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Selective Schools Tutoring

Maths, English, Writing and Thinking Skills

Many capable students miss out on selective due to a lack of preparation. Prepare your child for the NEW selective placement test with personalised, research-based coaching without overwhelming them with tons of homework

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Multi Award Winning Selective Schools Tutoring

Preparing students for success in the New Selective Placement Test. We double your child's chance to get an offer.

We will also help you with the Selective School application and the order of school preferences to maximise your child's chance of getting an offer

Why Selective?

There are two main reasons why selective schools are a good option for your child: academic and non-academic. Academically students in selective schools learn at a higher level. More importantly, their HSC results are usually scaled up for the ATAR score used to enter university. Why scaled up?

Because the ranking is affected by the individual student performance and the school performance. Not surprisingly, the top performing schools in the HSC are selective schools.

The non-academic reason is even more important. In a selective school your child will be surrounded by like-minded students. These students are highly motivated, focused and academically oriented. These are the connections that your child will have in the future.

Our Course

In our course students learn not only Maths, English, Writing and Thinking skills. They learn much more. They learn the foundations of problem solving and systematic thinking. They also learn critical thinking which includes inductive and deductive reasoning. Our course teaches students how to think and how to apply their thinking skills under exam conditions.

Teaching a child how to think and how to learn is a game changer. The result is an independent thinker who is capable to apply their knowledge in various scenarios and different contexts, far beyond school and academic settings.

In our Selective Preparation Program, your child will

Selective schools coaching and tutoring

Our program targets the topics assessed in the Selective Placement Test

Our selective courses are taught by qualified high school teachers who know how to take a student from primary level and upskill them to the selective and high school level.

Our founder, Dr Majeda Awawdeh’s personal experience with selective schooling

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Our students achieved outstanding results in the 2020 Selective and Scholarship test.

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Research-based coaching and tutoring

Your child learns through our unique Five-C Method™ which is based on Cognitive Load Theory

Why it works

Highly qualified teachers

Your child is taught by a professional teacher with extensive experience.

Students actually learn

Your child is learning rather than just doing worksheets.

Individualised support

Small class sizes of no more than eight students.

We won't overwhelm you with homework

Your child will receive just enough quality homework for real understanding. We offer FREE homework help sessions.

Immediate teacher feedback

Our smart systems and personalised reports tell you exactly how your child is tracking.

Unlocking full potential

Our roadmaps ensure dramatic improvement to realise your child’s potential.

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The Facts and the Myths about the New Selective School Test with the Experts

Watch our panel of experts confirm and debunk the facts and myths about the selective placement test. Ideal for parents looking for accurate information, insights, strategies and the best methods to prepare their child.

The Changes to the Selective and OC Placement Tests

In this informative webinar Dr Majeda Awawdeh, founder of Global Education Academy, explains the changes, with examples, to the Selective and OC placement tests. Watch now to help you best prepare your child for success.

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