How to find a tutor for Primary School

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Find a tutor that engages your child to maximise their learning

How to Find the Right Tutor for Primary School

Tutoring is a great tool to help children learn and grow, particularly when they are in primary school and enjoy absorbing as much knowledge as possible. However, the task of choosing the right tutor for primary school and beyond can be a daunting task. Finding a tutor that your child will truly get along with and develop a passion for learning is not an easy match. Here’s our simple guide to help you understand what you need to look for in a primary school tutor and what we think makes a great tutor.

Do You Need to Find a Tutor?

This is the first and most important question you need to answer. Contrary to popular belief, primary homework help is not the only reason to employ a tutor. You may need this type of service if:

  1. Your child shows interest in some particular subject.
    In this case, learning should be encouraged, particularly at a young age as this may help your son or daughter develop passions that they can pursue later on in life. This form of inquisitive curiosity, should always be encouraged, as it also makes the learning process much more enjoyable.
  2. Your child missed school due to illness or some other reason.
    It’s imperative to catch up under the guidance of an experienced professional as without this, the workload will be too unmanageable for a primary school student.
  3. Your child struggles with some particular subject.
    Often, children struggle to keep up at school. This is where finding a tutor particularly in primary school is the most useful. For example, Mathematics can be a problem subject for children; so many of them require homework help for this subject. Hiring a tutor while still in primary school is a wise decision as this way, your kid will learn to understand math, and mastering the basics will help them avoid problems in the future when the topics get more complex – something that we at global education academy are passionate about.

No matter the reason why you decide to find a tutor, it’s advisable to talk with your primary school teacher and discuss the child’s progress beforehand. This will help you make sure that the extra work will not overload your son or daughter and will help you understand whether they need any primary homework help at all.

Note that tutoring doesn’t equal homework help by default. The purpose of a learning aid is to help a child understand the subject and advance in their knowledge, not to work on school assignments. However, if your little ones require this kind of assistance, it will be provided on request. Contact our tutoring company to learn more about the courses available to your child as well as complimentary homework help sessions.

Factors to Consider When You Hire a Tutor


Once you decide that you really need to find a tutor for your primary schooler, you’ll need to choose the best one out of the many options available. The factors you’ll need to consider when making this decision are:

Choose between a group session and private tutoring.

Both options have merits, however we believe that group tutorials are the best for children in primary school as they benefit from collaborative group work. Our groups are small to ensure that every child gets sufficient individualized attention while enjoying the tutorials with friends. This way, children will have the right supportive learning and collaborative environment and have a chance to work in pairs, whilst still being provided the individual focus that is often missing in schools. See our faq page for a full list of benefits.

The tutor’s experience and credentials.

When looking for the best tutor for your children, you need to make sure that this professional is not only proficient in teaching the subject, but also in working with kids of this age in particular. This is especially important if your child has some special learning requirements. In this case, be sure to check whether this person has a certification that proves they are qualified to work with this type of students. For example, Global Education Academy only hires teachers who are fully qualified for teaching in NSW,have completed all working with children and police background checks and we know are great at what they do.

Personal connection with the teacher.

Let your children ‘test’ a tutorial to make sure they enjoy it. Children will learn better if they truly like doing something, and establishing a good relationship with the teacher plays an essential part in this. Fortunately Global Educaiton Academy offers a free trial lesson on all of our courses.


The money shouldn’t be the deciding factor as the quality of education is the most important. If your budget is limited, you can look for financing options such as scholarships, etc. Here at Global Education Academy, we also offer a support scheme to support families who want to invest in their child’s education, but are faced with financial walls and burdens.

Keep these factors in mind and you will definitely find the best primary school tutor who will help your children fall in love with learning and achieve their true potential.

Finding A Tutor in Sydney …The Next Step


Here at Global Education Academy, we establish a tutoring center that cares. We excel as tutoring for primary school children and beyond. We are the only research based tutoring centre in Australia who are teaching understanding that will help your child learn across their lifetime, not just for the end of year report. Not only are we  producing better and better results every year, but we are also proud supporters of the Angels Hope organisation and Australian Tutoring Association. Give us a call today for a free consultation and trial lesson for your child.

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