How GEA supports the journey to Selective high school

by admin | 08th March 2022 |

We are already well into Term 1 of the 2022 school year and this year already looks different to previous years. Before we check in to see how students are doing now that they are back at school, we want to say how proud we are of our Global Education Academy (GEA) students who have worked so hard.

Congratulations to all our students who sat the Selective School placement test around this time last year and are now sitting in their Selective High School classrooms among their academically gifted peers. We also commend our students who received scholarships to private high schools and hope you are enjoying the fruits of your labour.


Free school uniform offer


As a reward for their efforts, if your child is a GEA student and receives a placement into a Selective high school or a scholarship to a private school, we will gift them their new school uniform!

Simply snap a photo of your child wearing their new uniform and take a photo of the receipt, then send both in an email to us and we will reimburse you the cost. Please note the offer includes 1 shirt and 1 pair of slacks, shorts or a skirt, and is only available to GEA students.

Pictured below are a few of our students who made it into Selective or private high schools last year, wearing their school uniforms courtesy of GEA. We love that we can support our students in more ways than one!



Remember, this is only the beginning of a new phase of your learning journey. Your hard work doesn’t stop here. We believe in every single one of our students and your ability to unlock your full potential.


GEA’s Selective School tutoring program


We know that for some of our students, the aspiration to Selective or private high school education is still a real possibility. If you are a parent of a child currently in Year 5 who is interested in being placed in a Selective High School or gaining a scholarship to a private school, an effective way to set them up for exam success is to seek help from tutors.

At GEA, we specialise in helping students meet their learning goals, including receiving placement into a Selective high school.


What our Selective course covers

In our Selective Preparation Program, we target the topics assessed in the Selective Placement test. Our selective courses are taught by qualified high school teachers who know how to take a student from primary level and upskill them to the Selective and high school level. The course covers:

  • English – exposes students to all genres of texts. It includes all levels of Reading Comprehension and all types of questions that are required for the selective test (Cloze, fill in the gaps, comparing texts and extracts questions). In addition, students expand their vocabulary and learn grammar and punctuation in a structured format.
  • Writing – students learn all the genres that may appear in the test including writing an advice sheet, narrative, persuasive, discussion and information and news report. Students are exposed to the marking rubric and how their writing gets assessed, learning how to improve. They also learn how to dissect and analyse a question and a given stimulus, so they write with confidence and to the point, achieving high scores.
  • Mathematical Reasoning – Our unique strategy of problem solving, the UPSL strategy (understand, plan, solve and learn), gives students an advantage and a higher level of knowledge that can be applied to any setting or situation.
  • Thinking Skills – we teach the two main components: problem-solving and critical thinking. Problem solving consists of mathematical or logical problems embedded in a practical context. Critical thinking consists of inductive reasoning (from common sense and general knowledge) and deductive reasoning (solved and taught using mathematical type analysis).


How the course adds value

In this course, students don’t just learn English, Writing, Mathematical Reasoning and Thinking Skills. They learn much more.

Students learn the foundations of problem solving and systematic thinking. Our course teaches students how to apply their thinking skills in exam conditions and gives them tools to reduce cognitive load. We also teach students how to master exam and time management techniques with test-specific skills to help shorten their response time and give them the advantage of having extra time to think about their answers.


What to expect from the course

The course starts at the beginning of Term 2 and is a weekly program throughout each term of Year 5. It includes a 5-day intensive preparation over the January Holidays and 5 weeks in Year 6 Term 1.

Each term, your child will receive their own GEA Selective Program books. The program includes 8 mock tests (3 hours each), each with comprehensive feedback.


How to secure a spot for your child

To receive a spot in our Selective preparation course, the first step is to book a Selective Benchmark Assessment for your child. This involves a 90-minute assessment followed by a 30-minute feedback session with a teacher. It gives us insight into your child’s ability to cope with advanced courses and enables us to identify strengths and weaknesses in their learning. Following the assessment, if your child does receive a spot in our Selective preparation course, this information is passes on to their teacher at GEA to help them focus on addressing areas of weakness.


To book a Benchmark Assessment for your child, CLICK HERE.


Selective/Scholarship Preparation Course

Many capable students miss out on selective due to a lack of preparation. Prepare your child for the NEW selective placement test with personalised, research-based coaching without overwhelming them with tons of homework. Learn More

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