Why preparing for the OC test is important?

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Preparing your child for the Opportunity Class test is a crucial step towards unlocking their full potential and ensuring they have every opportunity to succeed academically. This test, designed to identify gifted and talented students, requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond simply studying the curriculum. 

Preparation for the OC test could be different from one family to the other. Here are different ways families prepare for the OC entry test: 

  • Doing practice tests at home using the Department of Education published practice tests. 
  • Parents tutor their children by themselves. Usually, one of the parents helps tutoring for maths, and the other tutoring for English 
  • Families with busy schedules choose the tutoring option by professional tutors or a tutoring centre 
  • Many families choose the combination of two or more of the above. 

Whatever you choose for your child, make sure it works.  


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Identifying and bridging any learning gaps 

One of the key benefits of preparing for the Opportunity Class test is bridging any learning gaps that may exist. By identifying areas where your child may need additional support or instruction, you can help them develop a strong foundation in all subject areas. This not only improves their chances of performing well on the exam but also sets them up for success in future academic pursuits. 

In addition to addressing specific content knowledge, preparing for this test also involves mastering exam techniques. Familiarising your child with the format and structure of the test can boost their confidence and reduce anxiety on exam day. Teaching them effective time management strategies and helping them develop mental stamina ensures they can perform at their best throughout the test. 

Develop valuable study habits 

It’s generally a good idea to start preparing well in advance. Starting at least a year before the test is a common recommendation. This allows students to cover the necessary content thoroughly and build strong foundations. To determine when to start, assess your child’s current skill set and knowledge in the relevant subject areas, English, Mathematics, and Thinking Skills. If there are significant gaps, starting early will provide you with more time to address them. It’s important to tailor the preparation plan to your child’s specific needs and capabilities. 

Furthermore, preparing for the Opportunity Class test helps your child develop valuable study habits early on. They learn to organise their time effectively, set goals, and create a study routine that works best for them. These skills will not only benefit them during this particular exam but also serve as foundations for their future school years.  

Lastly, preparation builds confidence in your child. As they become more familiar with the content and expectations of the Opportunity Class test, they gain a sense of self-assurance that positively impacts their performance. Confidence allows them to approach challenges with resilience and determination, ultimately leading to greater success. 

The NSW Department of Education also encourages using sample test papers available on their website to practise answering questions, as running out of time is one of the most stressful things about the test. 

Preparing your child for the Opportunity Class test is essential as it addresses learning gaps, teaches effective exam techniques, improves skills such as time management and mental stamina, develops study habits, and fosters confidence. By investing time and effort into this preparation process, you are providing your child with a solid foundation upon which they can build future academic achievements. 

How we can help 

 We’re here to support you and your child on your journey to Opportunity Class. 

Global Education Academy offers an OC tutoring course designed to engage your child in a stimulating learning environment. To give your child an added advantage when sitting the OC placement test, find out more about our OC tutoring program today.  

Book an OC Benchmark Assessment at Half Price 

An OC Benchmark assessment will clarify your child’s current strengths and uncover any weaknesses they may have. It covers the 3 components of the OC placement test and is our entry assessment into our OC Preparation Course. Book Now 

This assessment will give you the clarity you need to make the right decision.  

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