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by admin | 04th August 2021 |

Dear Parents,

I hope that everyone is doing well in these difficult times.

Do you feel that your child’s school is not communicating clearly with you? Do you wish you had access to your child’s teacher more often? Are you worried that your child may fall behind, due to home learning?

I know that helping your children with learning from home can be a real challenge for parents. I want you to know that you can count on us being your partner in this journey. Hence, we are offering more support for our parents.
Monday through Thursday for the rest of the lock-down period, between 12:00 and 1:00 PM, I will be holding parent support hour.

This hour will be open to the parent of any of our students who wants to join, and I will be available to offer advice on any aspect of learning from home that you are having trouble with. Examples of what you can ask:

  • if you are unsure about an assignment that your child has been asked to complete by their regular school
  • daily work from school that needs explanation
  • how to set expectations
  • questions about assessments
  • questions about discipline
  • tips and guidance
  • and of course, GEA class work and homework
  • and any other educational matters you need help with

We know that home learning has put a lot of pressure on parents, we want to help. If you would like to discuss how Global Education Academy can help you and your child, please call 1300 001 432.



Head of Teaching

Keep your child learning and focused and ensure they do not develop any learning gaps this lockdown.

Click below to read more about the benefits of routine and learning in lockdown. Read More

Have any questions?

Call 1300 001 432 to speak to one of our educational specialists today.

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