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Global Education Academy offers tutoring in Wahroonga for primary and high school students.

We’ve been providing a different tutoring experience in Turramurra near Wahroonga since 2011.

Great news for Wahroonga parents. You have the tutoring approach your child will love.

Our scientific approach makes learning easy and not overwhelming. It takes the complications off the material and makes it easy to understand and absorbed by the brain.

Unlike others, our maths tutoring, English tutoring, OC tutoring, and Selective tutoring do not count on a significant amount of homework. On the contrary, we take the burden of the homework off you. even homework from school. Bring it to us and we will help your child for free.

Maths tutoring in Wahroonga

At Wahroonga math tutoring, we strive to develop a passion of mathematics in our students. When they do, the fundamental challenge is over. We pay close attention to deep understanding of mathematical concepts and problem-solving.

English tutoring in Wahroonga

Our English classes in Wahroonga concentrate on reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and writing. Our primary purpose is to engage children and increase their self-esteem.

Parents & Students Choose Our Wahroonga Tutoring Centre because

Safe and secure learning environment for students

A safe and secure learning environment is essential for students. It allows them to feel comfortable and confident in their ability to learn.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Your child is taught by a qualified teacher with extensive teaching experience. Our highly experienced teachers are committed to helping every student reach their full potential.

Variety of courses and programs

We offer a wide range of courses and programs that cater to the needs of different types of learners.

Creative and arts-based learning

Whether you are looking for a school that offers traditional academic subjects or one that specializes in creative and arts-based learning, we have something for everyone.

Specialised Tutoring
Your Child is actually Learning

Students in our classrooms are learning for understanding rather than just doing worksheets.

Junior Tutoring – Pre K to Y1
We won't Overwhelm you with Homework

Receive just enough quality homework for real understanding along FREE homework help sessions.

Modern facilities and spacious

we’ve invested in modern facilities that include spacious classrooms equipped with the latest technology. Our classrooms are designed to promote collaboration and creativity, and they provide a comfortable and stimulating learning space for our students


Small class sizes of less than 10 students so your child receives individual attention.

Personalised English & Math's Tutoring near Wahroonga that guarantees improvement.

Learn in an environment where teachers engage, support and empower them to feel more confident.

Ignite their passion for learning through our unique teaching style

Learn & develop a strong conceptual understanding of all key concepts in Math, English and Writing. Our teaching is mapped to the Australian Curriculum & aligned with schools around Wahroonga

Become a problem solver with an ability to interpret, infer, deduce and think critically

Surround themselves with a group of like minded students on the same path as them

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OC tutoring, Selective tutoring and Scholarship tutoring in Wahroonga

We have the greatest tutoring courses in Wahroonga for students who want to prepare for the OC test or the selective school entry test, or who want to get a scholarship for a private school. Our classes cover mathematics, English, critical thinking, and writing. We have sample tests incorporated into the program, with detailed feedback for each question. You can track your

child’s progress with our parents portal and get immediate feedback. We have a head teacher who is dedicated to meeting the parents of Wahroonga’ students when needed.

Our success stories in Wahroonga say it all.

“At school, my son was always disengaged and bored. His teachers used to tell him he wasn’t good enough. Something was off about what his teachers were telling me. I took him to the Global Education Academy for an evaluation. They discovered that he had far more potential than the school had told me. He spent a year tutoring in math and English before beginning the selective course with them. He’s doing well in school now, and his teachers were blown away by how much he’s improved. He will be taking the test next year. Thank you for the amazing team of GEA in Turramurra” – Karen.

Experience the Global Education Academy difference by getting started with tutoring in Wahroonga today.

Travelling to Global Education Academy from Wahroonga

Global Education Academy might not be the closest tutoring centre to you in Wahroonga, but we trust it is the best.

Travelling from Wahroonga to your closest Global Education Academy campus can be the best trip you’ll make for your child’s academic future. We – parents – can travel for maths and English as we do for sport.

Global Education Academy Campuses are located at convenient locations for parents and students travelling from Wahroonga. There is plenty of street parking nearby. Parents and students can also take advantage of public transport as we are 2 minutes’ walk from both Kogarah and Turramurra train stations.

Students can also join online from home via LIVE classes.

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Selective Scholarship Opportunity Class

Proven Results

Early Learning
Pre-K to Year 1

Shaping Little Minds

Year 2 - Year 6

Where Understanding Begins

High School
Year 7 - Year 10

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