“Sound to Selective” – Dr Majeda’s personal story with her daughter’s selective journey.

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“Don’t waste your time and money,” they said. “She is just an average student. She will never make it to a selective school.” Those words echoed in my mind, but little did they know that those very words would ignite a fire within me and change my daughter’s life forever.

A decade has passed since that conversation with my daughter’s schoolteacher, yet the memory remains vivid. We had sought guidance on how to best prepare her for the selective exams, hoping to give her every opportunity to succeed. Instead, we were met with doubt and discouragement.

But I refused to let those words define us.

I refused to accept that my daughter was destined for mediocrity. And so, we embarked on a journey of determination, resilience, and unwavering belief in her potential.

We turned to tutoring – not as a means of proving others wrong or seeking validation – but as a tool for growth and empowerment. Selective tutoring became our guiding light, illuminating the path towards unlocking her true capabilities in maths, English, writing and most importantly in thinking skills (which was called General Ability at that time).

Through countless hours of study and dedication, my daughter began to blossom. With each passing day, she grew more confident in her abilities and discovered new depths of knowledge within herself. The once average student transformed into an extraordinary learner through tutoring in her selective journey.

And when the day of the selective exams arrived, my daughter stood tall among her peers – ready to showcase all that she had learned and overcome. It was a moment filled with both fear and excitement, a culmination of years of hard work and unwavering belief.

As I reflect upon that pivotal moment in our lives, I am reminded of the power within each one of us to defy expectations and act in your belief in your child. As a parent, you know your child more than their teachers. It is not about where we start or what others may say, it is about the relentless pursuit of our dreams and the unwavering faith in our own abilities and providing them with the future they deserve.

So, if you find yourself facing similar doubts or naysayers along your journey towards success, whether it is OC, Selective, Scholarship, or any other goal you set for your child, remember this story. Remember that the words spoken by others do not define your worth or limit your potential. Embrace the power of selective tutoring – or any form of education and support that empowers your child – to unlock their true capabilities and prove to the world that you are right in your beliefs.

Trust the journey.

They will face challenges, but they will learn how to overcome them. They will face frustration, but they will learn how to rise above them. Through the tutoring journey, they will be equipped to face anything.

Sometimes I wonder what her path would’ve been if I had listened to her Year 4 schoolteacher! Maybe I would have regretted it to this day or maybe not, but I would’ve never known if she really had the potential.

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Parents’ worst regret: I wish I pushed them more 😞

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