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by admin | 01st February 2018 |

Global Education Academy offers tutoring to prepare for Selective High School exams on Sydney’s North Shore.

If your child is gifted or has the potential to be a high achiever academically, you may want them to join a selective high school. Selective high schools provide an educationally enriched environment for highly achieving and academically gifted students. Parents apply when their child is in Year 5. There are only 17 selective high schools in NSW, thus the positions available are quite limited.

At Global Education Academy we have many years of experience setting up students for success in the selective school placement test. Not only are we familiar with the test, but we also have substantial expertise in writing large-scale assessments, especially assessments that are Multiple Choice Questions. As an ICAS Writer, our founder applied all her knowledge and experience in writing the material for the selective program. Our Selective School Program is our most popular program, and its success rate is over 90%.

What makes our program successful:

  • Australia’s only research-based learning centre (Cognitive Load Theory)
  • Program developed by the founder – Dr Majeda Awawdeh (previously managed ICAS exams at UNSW)
  • Fully qualified educators with many years of experience
  • Specialised small groups
  • Multiple mock tests followed by constructive feedback

Our program is unique as it takes students who are average and slightly above average and converts them to high achievers. Unlike other learning centres, we not only take the top students but also the ones who believe they can achieve. We work hand in hand with parents and students and get them there. We believe in growth mind-set.

Run over 40 weeks, the program covers English, writing, general ability, and maths as well as teaching exam techniques and cognitive load techniques. Students will also sit several mock tests during the course to help familiarise themselves with the format of the test.

Our new North Shore campus is accepting enrollments for selective school tutoring now. We are conveniently located at 4 William Street, Turramurra, very close to Turramurra train station.

Enquire today to learn more about selective school preparation for your child.

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