Maths & English Tutoring in Turramurra

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Global Education Academy offers tutoring for Maths & English to primary and high school students. Located on Sydney’s North Shore.

GEA is a research-based learning centre with a structured learning system that covers the entire Australian Curriculum. Our two core courses in Maths and English are designed and based on Cognitive Load Theory.

Mathematics and English tutoring for both primary school and high school are essential to ensure students can keep up and even stay ahead of their peers. It is also important for all students to have a strong understanding of maths and English. Conceptual understanding of mathematics coupled with a comprehensive command of all components of English is the foundation for success in students’ academic journeys. When students have complete grasps of these two core subjects, all other subjects follow. Early exposure to our unique, research-based teaching methods enables students to learn effectively.

English Tutoring

Our English courses at GEA have been specifically written using the outcomes and indicators from the Australian Curriculum for each stage of students’ learning. The course booklets include these outcomes statements, together with their appropriate codes from each syllabus document.

Our English courses are offered at both primary and secondary levels.

Maths Tutoring

Maths tutoring at Global Education Academy is offered for all primary and high school levels. In Mathematics, our teachers minimise the cognitive load involved in teaching the concepts to improve learning and make it more approachable to students. Mathematics at GEA is all about conceptual understanding and problem-solving. We keep up with the latest research in the field to continuously improve our teaching. Problem Solving has a significant focus at GEA. We use our own developed techniques based on Cognitive Load Theory and the latest research in Mathematics and cognition.

Our Mathematics courses have been specifically written incorporate the outcomes and indicators from the Australian Curriculum for each stage of students’ learning.

Students at Global Education Academy learn Mathematics and English with deep understandings and are empowered with numerous skills including time management, planning, task analysis and goal setting. Our qualified and experienced teachers, using our unique books, help students minimise the cognitive load associated with learning, hence making the journey stress-free.

Our resources are updated and reviewed every term to ensure relevance to students’ learning needs and enhance confidence and self-esteem.

Our new North Shore campus is accepting enrollments for maths and english tutoring now. We are conveniently located at 4 William Street, Turramurra, very close to Turramurra train station.

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