ICAS and REACH: Everything you need to know

by admin | 21st July 2020 |

What is ICAS?

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) is an independent skill-based assessment test of six competitions for primary and secondary school students. ICAS is an annual assessment conducted by UNSW Global  (now UNSW College) and caters for students from Year 2 to Year 12. Each test typically takes place at the student’s school under normal examination conditions and assesses basic skills and learning abilities. Top-scoring students are awarded a UNSW medal.

The six competitions are: Digital Technologies, English, Mathematics, Science, Spelling and Writing.

Is it important to prepare for ICAS Assessment?

ICAS is used by schools to understand student strengths and weaknesses and to track progress from year to year. Some schools use ICAS as a placement test. Students, especially in their early years, will find the ICAS tests daunting, as it may be their first taste of a test conducted under exam conditions. Preparing your child will mean they are familiar with the style and structure of the test, and it will eliminate that ‘fear’ they may feel, this will ensure they perform at their best.

ICAS Awards

Every participating student will receive a certificate and student report based on their results in each subject.

High distinction certificate is awarded to the top 1% of students

Distinction certificate is awarded to the next 10% of students

Credit certificate is awarded to the next 25% of students

Merit certificate is awarded to the next 10% of students

Participation certificate is awarded to all other students

A UNSW medal is awarded in each subject, in each year level to the very top achievers.

What is REACH?

Reach Assessments are annual progression assessments which provide an external, objective benchmark of student progress. Subjects assessed are Digital Technologies, Science, Spelling, Writing, English, and Mathematics and are available in both online and paper format. REACH supports the implementation of English, Mathematics and Science curricula and allows for comprehensive online reporting. Due to the current climate, REACH will not be offered in 2020 and will resume in 2021.

Building strong foundations to ensure success

Building foundations in the core subjects from an early age will set students up for academic success throughout their schooling life and beyond. Empowering them with problem-solving skills ensures that they know how to understand a question, have a plan on how to solve it, how to execute their plan and how to learn from it. Each question that is solved using this method will build a schema in their brain that will help them for future questions.  

With our friendly teachers and supportive environment, we will prepare your child to become a confident problem-solver and independent thinker.

They will not only strengthen their knowledge in the core subjects but will also learn valuable skills such as exam techniques, time management skills and goal-setting skills, to name a few.

Reach and ICAS coaching is considered great preparation for selective and scholarship exams in the future.

GEA has the expertise to prepare your child for both Reach and ICAS Tests.

Contact us to see how your goal can become ours.

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