Hybrid Classrooms – The freedom to choose between participating in our classes in person or online

by admin | 20th March 2020 |

What is a hybrid classroom?

Our hybrid classroom offers two options for students; joining face to face or online.

Some students can join us physically while others join through an app called Zoom. Zoom is extremely user friendly, secure and safe for students. It allows a high level of interaction; Students can see and hear their teacher, and in turn, the teacher is able to answer all their questions as if they are sitting physically in the class. It is a fully interactive learning experience regardless of their physical location.

How does a hybrid classroom benefit my child?

Flexibility without compromising quality. Every student at GEA receives an online ticket to their classes, giving them the freedom to choose which delivery method suits them best. The dual model of delivery provides opportunities for different styles of learning which utilizes their learning experience, boosts their confidence and keeps them connected.

When your child joins our class from home, they join an actual class that is taught by a teacher, so they get the benefit of both. They are able to follow along with lessons, ask their teacher questions and take part in the class. Teachers support and provide individual attention to all students, the ones physically in the class and the ones at home.

Our hybrid classrooms have so much to offer

Flexible: You have a choice between face-to-face and online attendance.

Easy to use: Join from any internet-connected device anywhere in the world.

Convenient: Your child can learn from home and watch missed lessons online.

Secure: Lessons delivered over bank-level 256-bit online encryption.

How do I get my child started?

Simply enrol to become a student. Then visit us to collect your GEA books or chose to have them delivered to you. Your timetable and your unique hybrid classroom link will be emailed to you. Finally, enjoy your sessions, whether they be from home or at one of our campuses.

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