How to bring out the genius within your child

by admin | 29th September 2020 |

“Your child is getting average grades; she’ll never make it into a selective high school.”

Have you heard that statement before? I certainly have. It echoes a similar comment I received from my daughter’s teacher when she was in Year 4.

It was a comment I was not willing to accept and I’m glad I didn’t. Yes, my daughter always received “sound” achievement in her school reports, but that was not a reflection of her potential. As her mother, I believed she could make it into a selective high school. Two years after her teacher’s misguided comment, she did!

How? By first making that decision and setting the goal, and second applying herself to achieve that goal.

Though teachers are well-meaning, their belief in our children’s abilities doesn’t compare to the belief we hold as parents.

Here at GEA, we believe that every child has the potential to be a genius.

A genius is defined as a person possessing “exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability”. All children have exceptional abilities which are unique to them. The key to discovering and outworking these abilities is through a custom and well-planned pathway.


A Custom Pathway

To uncover the genius within your child, we have developed GEA Genius.

GEA Genius is a custom pathway for students with the goal to initially enter an Opportunity Class (OC) for the academically gifted, be awarded entry into a selective high school or obtain a scholarship to a private high school.

There’s no doubt the process is highly competitive. So, we prepare your child to face this competition through well-rounded coaching by:

  1. Establishing a strong foundation in the core subjects, Maths and English
  2. Boosting their confidence and their belief in their own ability to achieve
  3. Empowering them with problem-solving skills
  4. Teaching time-management skills, cognitive-load management and exam techniques

In a group coaching environment, students are surrounded by other like-minded students, encouraging them to develop a passion and love for learning.

Each student is empowered to become a critical thinker and equipped with fundamental learning techniques to help them achieve their goals. At the end of the day, your goal is our goal.

GEA Genius provides your child with a learning experience that will shift the way they think and understand. You have probably heard this from us before, we advocate “teaching for understanding”. We apply it to every lesson, every session, and every interaction with our students.

Understanding leads learners to achieve success not only with their current studies but also later in life as they pursue their chosen career.

Whether the goal is OC, selective school or obtaining a scholarship, we can help you get there.

Afraid your child is too “average” to achieve such a goal? That’s not a problem, we specialise in transforming the average student into a top-performing student.  It’s in the numbers – over 80% of our students achieve their goal to make it into a selective school or get a scholarship to a private school.

Still not convinced? Let me tell you a story about a boy named Zaviar.

Zaviar’s Story – from small town to Knox Grammar

We first met the Cheema family when they came in for a face-to-face consultation at our Kogarah campus. They were very keen to have their son Zaviar prepped with us to sit a scholarship test. The family, who originate from Sydney now reside in Parkes, a small town in the central west region of New South Wales.

At the time, Zaviar’s grades were average – he was neither excelling nor struggling at school. However, his parents wanted more for him. Zaviar’s parents enrolled him in our GEA Genius course and flew him down to Sydney every Friday to stay with his grandparents and attend our Saturday classes.

He made this journey for 50 weeks, missing only one week due to a severe storm. Now that’s dedication!

After completing the course, Zaviar sat the scholarship test and received a boarding scholarship to Knox Grammar! His younger brother, Zayn, is now forging a similar path and has enrolled in the GEA Genius online course.

Like Zaviar, your child has the capability to enter a top-performing school. Book a Benchmark Assessment today and get on track to see your child transform into a high achiever.

Our Benchmark Assessments are valued at $150 – Use code CLARITYNOW to book it for FREE. 

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