How Global Education Academy drives meaningful change as a business for good

by admin | 17th December 2020 |

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”


The wise words of Mahatma Gandhi.

What do these words mean to you?

For us, the idea of being the change is not just a motivational quote you double tap on Instagram and continue scrolling. It’s a statement of a way of life and the driving force behind what we do at Global Education Academy. Supporting change for good is in our DNA.

As the end of the year draws near, we tend to reflect on the year that was. We look back on our successes and failures, our wins and our losses.

For 2020, a year like no other, the hardships were plenty. So, to finish this year in better spirits, we cultivate gratitude by identifying what we are thankful for.

Take a moment to consider what you’re thankful for, despite the motion sickness you may feel from enduring the turbulence of this year.

At GEA, we believe there is so much to be grateful for. It’s our gratitude that drives us to give back in a way that brings meaningful change. Here is how we do it:

We genuinely care

We don’t pretend to care, we actually care – about you and your children.

From the moment you step into GEA’s offices, you’re welcomed like family. Before getting to the formalities, we seek to get to know you. We take the time to hear your family’s story, so we know how best to support your child’s education journey.

Yes, time is valuable but so are you and your child. If you ever need to chat, please drop by our offices and say hello!

Educating future problem solvers

We nurture the future changemakers and problem-solvers.

Soon, our world will be in the hands of the next generation. To see positive change in this world requires equipping those who will be our future leaders and innovators.

At GEA, our learning for understanding framework enables students to understand concepts and become independent thinkers and problem solvers. These are the qualities needed to develop effective solutions to the problems our world is facing.

Tomorrow’s change begins in the classroom today.


We understand the journey is more difficult for some. This shouldn’t disqualify them from receiving the educational support needed to succeed in life.

Our founder, Dr Majeda Awawdeh, has struggled with and overcome her own personal hardships to get to where she is today. Her recent Telstra Business Women’s award for NSW Small Business was celebrated with the introduction of GEA Scholarships.

These Scholarships are provided to students experiencing financial or personal hardship with parents who care deeply about their child’s education. For more information, please visit our Scholarships page.

Beyond our turf

It doesn’t stop at education. We also go beyond our direct sphere of influence and support other organisations that are doing good.

This includes working with local schools and charities to offer full scholarships for children suffering domestic violence, family crisis or financial hardship.

In support of our local community, we hold regular fundraisers and book drives to raise funds for organisations such as the St George Family Support Services Inc. We also sponsor special events held at local schools such as family fun days, cinema nights and trivia nights.

We’re also a proud supporter of One Girl, an organisation which empowers young women in Sierra Leone and Uganda by breaking down the barriers to accessing education. Interested in knowing more about our work with One Girl? Visit:

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