Gonski Gone for Good? How Gonski Reforms Will Affect You.

by admin | 24th May 2014 |

With the Federal Government’s 2014 Budget announcing changes to the continuation of the Gonski reforms, there is quite a lot of criticism being fired off from the NSW Teachers Federation and the NSW Government, and with good cause.

From the perspective of educators and concerned parents, the future of schooling looks bleak; with the needs-based Gonski schools funding program going to the scrap heap after 2017, it is projected that by 2018 / 2019, New South Wales schools will be worse off by about $1.2 billion, while there will be a $30 billion loss on a national scale over the next ten years! The impact of losing Gonski will certainly be felt and the losses will be felt most by disadvantaged students and regional schools.

Even with the NSW Government endeavouring to continue to provide their share of funding, the NSW Teachers Federation say that the loss of the Gonski model will spell disaster for New South Wales schools and will cost them millions. This is a low blow to many schools throughout Australia – particularly those in low socio-economic areas – as many are in desperate need of further financial assistance. In fact, it looks as though about one in five schools will fail to meet the minimum resource standard (recommended by the Gonski Panel) if the Gonski model funding is cut. This means that children who are struggling academically or who need extensions are left with no options, as the programs currently in place to assist these students will simply not be available.

It is hoped by many that these changes to Gonski will be reversed in the future, but the immediate implications for individual student facing these losses could be detrimental to their future success. If you feel that your child may be at risk of falling behind due to the loss of these programs, Global Education Academy’s Special Needs Tutoring is one option that will allow your child to remain on track and overcome the obstacles presented by the upcoming changes.

Our Special Needs Tutoring – as well as our Primary School and High School tutoring programs – are catered to your child’s personal academic level and are developed using the highest standards of educational research, ensuring the loss of Gonski and budget cuts don’t cut into your child’s ability to thrive.

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