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Lexi’s mum had tried everything to help her daughter succeed in maths, but nothing seemed to work. Frustrated and concerned as Lexi as approaching high school, she decided to seek tutoring to help her. She was referred to us (Global Education Academy) by her GP who had heard about us.

Lexi’s mum feared going to high school with such gaps.

don’t blame her; when adolescents enter high school with significant learning gaps, high school becomes an extremely challenging experience both academically and socially. Unfortunately, these gaps can profoundly impact a student’s academic and social experience in high school.

Academically, students with learning gaps may struggle to keep up with their peers and may require additional support to succeed. This can lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Socially, students with learning gaps may feel isolated or excluded from their peers, further exacerbating their academic struggles.


Selective High School

First step- let’s find out what the problem is.

Through a comprehensive diagnostic assessment, we were able to identify the gaps in Lexi’s understanding of mathematical concepts. We found that she had many accumulative gaps that were causing her to struggle with maths. We also noticed that she needed a significant boost of confidence. It was obvious that she hated math and saw it as something scary and unapproachable.


I hate maths mum. I don’t want to do it!


At Global Education Academy, we believe that every student has the potential to succeed in mathematics. That’s why we created a personalised learning plan for Lexi that addressed her gaps in knowledge and helped her build her confidence. We showed her the beauty of mathematics; it can be fun and engaging by using interactive teaching methods and real-world examples.

I hung a sheet of paper in her class where she needed to score her love for maths out of 10. It was not a surprise when I saw 0 out of 10 in her first lesson.

Within a few weeks of maths tutoring, Lexi overcame her struggles with maths and started seeing it as a fun challenge. She now enjoys maths and is excited to learn more about it. Her mother has noticed a significant improvement in her confidence and academic performance, which has had a positive impact on other areas of her life as well.


It took about six good months before…

I was checking her score every week and I could see it was going up. Until one day I saw 9 out of 10.


We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to succeed academically and socially. By providing personalized learning plans and engaging teaching methods, we can help students like Lexi overcome their struggles with maths and develop a love for the subject.

One major hurdle that stood in Lexi’s way was her deep-seated dislike for maths. A matter that accumulated because of a lack of competence. No one likes something they are not good at.

However, GEA understood that changing this negative mindset was crucial for her progress. They devised a personalized plan that not only addressed Lexi’s academic needs but also aimed at cultivating a love for mathematics.


Lexie’s mother said: “Lexie said to me the other day before we went to tutoring that she was excited about going.”


With patience, encouragement, and engaging teaching methods, GEA guided Lexi through her mathematical journey. Gradually, things started to change – Lexi began enjoying her math lessons and even started looking forward to them!

Tailored tutoring played a pivotal role in helping Lexi catch up with her peers and develop strong problem-solving skills. The dedicated tutors at GEA provided the individualized attention she needed to overcome her struggles and gain confidence in tackling mathematical challenges. When she gained some confidence, she was moved to a small group class that provided her with a safe environment to show her ability and even make mistakes and learn from them without judgment. This is how her self-esteem was restored.

If you find yourself wondering how you can help your child love maths or if your child is struggling with the subject, don’t despair! Seek out tailored tutoring services like GEA that understand the importance of addressing both academic gaps and emotional barriers.

Remember, every child has a unique learning style and pace. With the right plan and support system, they too can go from hating maths to loving it!

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