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As the end of the year approaches and COVID restrictions continue to ease, the excitement grows for school students as they anticipate the summer holidays.  

After the year students have had, they deserve a break.  

This schooling year has been characterised by shutdowns, lockdowns and home-schooling. It’s been full of unexpected change requiring constant adjustments to adapt to a new normal. A summer of relaxation and enjoyment is just what they need. It’s what we all need.  

But what happens when the end of January comes and students return to school, only to realise that the last year of disruptions has created learning gaps? Or that they are not as prepared as they thought for the upcoming Selective or Scholarship tests they have set their sights on? 

As exciting as the freedom of summer holidays can be, it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead and consider how to help your child prepare for another school year. One way to do that is to enrol your child in a summer holiday course to brush up on their learning.  

At Global Education Academy, we offer several summer holiday courses to support students as they ease into a new stage of learning. Keep reading to discover what’s on at Global Education Academy this summer. 


Catch-up Holiday Courses 


Worried your child has missed out on essential learning during lockdown?   

Our catch-up courses help your child catch up on the core subjects of maths and English, preparing them for the year ahead. These courses run over five days and are aimed to empower your child to feel confident and fill any learning gaps from extended lockdowns.  

The courses – offered for Kindy & Year 1 and Year 2 & 3 – focus on literacy and writing techniques and also target maths and problem solving skills.  

Over the five-day course, your child will: 

  • Develop reading and comprehension skills 
  • Practice spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing 
  • Understand numbers, fractions and operations 
  • Explore measurement, space and geometry 
  • Master problem solving and critical thinking 

Does this sound like just what your child needs? Catch up with us and start the new school year ahead of the pack. To secure your child’s spot in one of our catch-up summer holiday courses, click a link below: 


Kindy & Year 1 Catch-up Holiday Course

Worried your child has missed out on essential learning during lockdown? Catch-up on maths and English and prepare them for the year ahead. 5-Day Summer Holiday Course.
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Year 2 & 3 Catch-up Holiday Course

Worried your child has missed out on essential learning during lockdown? Catch-up on maths and English and prepare them for the year ahead. 5-Day Summer Holiday Course.
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Selective & Scholarship Holiday Course


Is your child equipped to excel under exam conditions and time pressure? 

Help your child maximise their chances in the new Selective School or Scholarship tests with our January holiday course. The course is designed to build confidence and prepare students for exam style questions. In summary, the course covers thinking skills, mathematical reasoning, reading comprehension, exam techniques and time management.  

During the course, your child will: 

  • Develop the thinking skills recently added to the test, including critical thinking and problem-solving 
  • Learn, understand and build confidence in all concepts assessed in the test (Maths, English, Writing and Thinking Skills) 
  • Maximise their scores in the Writing component through understanding the marking criteria 
  • Sit two mock tests and receive immediate and comprehensive feedback 
  • Master our unique problem-solving technique, The UPSL™ Strategy (Understand, Plan, Solve, Learn) 
  • Master exam techniques and tools to reduce cognitive load 

As your child prepares for the Selective or Scholarship tests through our course, they will also develop life-long skills. The course is not only an investment in their learning, but also an investment in their future.  

To secure your child’s spot in our Selective & Scholarship holiday course, enrol now


Selective & Scholarship Holiday Course

Maximise your child’s chances in the New Selective School or Scholarship Test. January Holiday Course.
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Why our courses work 


Our teaching methods are proven, helping unlock a world of confidence and potential for our students, no matter where they are on the learning journey. Over 80% of our students achieve their goal to make it into a selective school or get a scholarship to a private school. How do we achieve such results? It’s all in our approach.  

Through our courses: 

  • Your child is taught by a highly qualified teacher with extensive experience 
  • Your child is actually learning rather than just doing worksheets 
  • Individualised support is provided in a small class of less than 10 students 
  • Teachers give feedback on exactly how your child is tracking 

So, what are you waiting for? There are limited spots available in our summer holiday courses so get in quick to ensure your child doesn’t miss out! 


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