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Global Education Academy offers tutoring in Ramsgate for primary and high school students.

GEA is a research-based learning centre with a structured learning system that covers the entire Australian Curriculum. Our two core courses in Maths and English are designed and based on Cognitive Load Theory.

Maths & English Tutoring in Ramsgate

Mathematics and English tutoring for both primary and high school are essential to ensure students can keep up and even stay ahead of their peers. It is also important for all students to have a strong understanding of maths and English. A conceptual understanding of mathematics coupled with a comprehensive command of all components of English is the foundation for success in students’ academic journeys. When students have complete grasps of these two core subjects, all other subjects follow. Early exposure to our unique, research-based teaching methods enables students to learn effectively.

Parents & Students Choose Our Ramsgate Tutoring Centre because

Safe and secure learning environment for students

A safe and secure learning environment is essential for students. It allows them to feel comfortable and confident in their ability to learn.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Your child is taught by a qualified teacher with extensive teaching experience. Our highly experienced teachers are committed to helping every student reach their full potential.

Variety of courses and programs

We offer a wide range of courses and programs that cater to the needs of different types of learners.

Creative and arts-based learning

Whether you are looking for a school that offers traditional academic subjects or one that specializes in creative and arts-based learning, we have something for everyone.

Specialised Tutoring
Your Child is actually Learning

Students in our classrooms are learning for understanding rather than just doing worksheets.

Junior Tutoring – Pre K to Y1
We won't Overwhelm you with Homework

Receive just enough quality homework for real understanding along FREE homework help sessions.

Modern facilities and spacious

we’ve invested in modern facilities that include spacious classrooms equipped with the latest technology. Our classrooms are designed to promote collaboration and creativity, and they provide a comfortable and stimulating learning space for our students


Small class sizes of less than 10 students so your child receives individual attention.

Personalised English & Math's Tutoring near Ramsgate that guarantees improvement.

Learn in an environment where teachers engage, support and empower them to feel more confident.

Ignite their passion for learning through our unique teaching style

Learn & develop a strong conceptual understanding of all key concepts in Math, English and Writing. Our teaching is mapped to the Australian Curriculum & aligned with schools around Ramsgate

Become a problem solver with an ability to interpret, infer, deduce and think critically

Surround themselves with a group of like minded students on the same path as them

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English Tutoring Ramsgate

We’re a top-rated company that provides English tutoring in Ramsgate. We’ve been helping students achieve success since 2005 and our student’s family’s seen amazing academic improvements as well! What really sets us apart from the rest of the tutoring company is, how much we focus on empowering each student by showing them what they can do – not just telling them about it or expecting results without outing any effort into improving themselves first hand.

A lot of people come to us feeling discouraged but after one session with our expert tutors everything will change; You’ll walk away empowered so don’t wait another minute.

Maths Tutoring Ramsgate

The joy of understanding numbers can be lost on some children. A Maths tutor will help your kid find meaning in math, and maybe even enjoy it! A subject that is often seen as tricky or boring may become more interesting with one small change – having a tutor for mathematics lessons instead so they don’t feel alone when learning these complex concepts.

At Global Education Academy we provide Maths tutoring for students of all levels, from primary school to high school. Our tutors are knowledgeable in a wide range of maths topics and can help you with whatever you need, whether you’re struggling with basic arithmetic or advanced calculus. We’ll work with you at your own pace to make sure you understand the material and can apply it confidently in your exams.

Maths is a subject that often requires extra help and attention outside of the classroom in order to fully understand the concepts. Our Ramsgate maths tutoring courses have been specifically written to incorporate the outcomes and indicators from the Australian Curriculum, so you can be confident your child is receiving the best possible education.

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Hear what parents say about Global Education Academy


Emma Halas

Selective & Scholarship

Dear GEA staff and teachers, I can’t believe Ema’s Year 6 journey is over. The last 2 years were very difficult in many ways and obviously made Ema’s preparation for selective and scholarship exams quite challenging. I have to thank all of the GEA staff and teachers from the bottom of my heart as even though there was a lot of “unknown” in our kids’ lives they made Ema’s study journey so much easier. Clear communication, very approachable staff helping us to navigate with online learning and most of all dedicated teachers helping our kids with their preparation for the exams and overall progress in their studies…


Julian Yaman

Happy Parent

I cannot Thank Global Education Academy enough, I thought by enrolling my son to a private school he is receiving the best education possible. I was so wrong.  Since kindergarten, his report was not that great, and I was a super concern, and whenever I raised my concerns with his class teacher I was told not worry, every kid is different and that he was doing well.

After reaching out to Global Education Academy within the first two weeks I could see the difference.

I am not sure what magic spell Kate is using on my son, but it is working! Thank you, Kate, for making my son believe in his ability, I am super confident that he is in good hands. I cannot wait to see his school report.



Happy Parent

“Hello, I thought I’d share some positive feedback on my son, Zac, tutoring experience from GEA Kogarah. He thoroughly enjoys his lessons with Ms Caroline each week so much so he looks forward to them. He finds learning fun even being on zoom. I have to say that if it wasn’t for her tutoring “pro-ess” and ability to keep him engaged he would definitely be further behind with the impact of COVID / homeschooling. Please pass on thanks and kudos. Cheers”



Happy Parent

“Just so you know yesterday I observed Aidan doing his online tutoring classes and I must say I was impressed. Your platform is much better than what his school is currently using and I actually think he enjoyed the work which is great! He seemed quite focused and engaged with what the class is doing which was good to see.”

Travelling to Global Education Academy from Ramsgate

Global Education Academy might not be the closest tutoring centre to you in Ramsgate, but we trust it is the best.

Travelling from Ramsgate to your closest Global Education Academy campus can be the best trip you’ll make for your child’s academic future. We – parents – can travel for maths and English as we do for sport.

Global Education Academy Campuses are located at convenient locations for parents and students travelling from Ramsgate. There is plenty of street parking nearby. Parents and students can also take advantage of public transport as we are 2 minutes’ walk from both Kogarah and Turramurra train stations.

Students can also join online from home via LIVE classes.

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Achieve proven results with our following highly effective courses

Selective Scholarship Opportunity Class

Proven Results

Early Learning
Pre-K to Year 1

Shaping Little Minds

Year 2 - Year 6

Where Understanding Begins

High School
Year 7 - Year 10

Expertise You Can Trust

Reasons to count on us

  • Proven Results – We have helped shape little minds for over 20 years with proven results.
  • We offer competitive rates that are affordable for everyone.
  • Our service caters to early learning and primary school students, giving them the best opportunity to succeed academically and socially.
  • Elective Scholarship Opportunity Class
  • Classes are small and taught by expert tutors who know how to help you succeed.
  • Our students consistently outperform their schools.
  • 98% of our students recommend us to friends and family.
  • Students get the individualized attention they need in a nurturing environment.
  • Tutoring that extends beyond academic assistance – we focus on character development and social skills too!


maths tutoring sydney
maths tutoring sydney

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