Is your child ready for the transition to high school?

by admin | 09th September 2023 |

I’m nervous.

Ms A was talking about high school in class today and it sounds so different from school as I currently know it.

I won’t just have one teacher but many new teachers across the different subjects – Mrs A said I could end up having more than 8 different teachers!

This also means moving from one classroom to another each day. I’ll have to say goodbye to my own desk and space I get to sit at every day. What if I get lost going from one classroom to another? What if my bag is full of so many textbooks, I can barely carry it around without hurting my back?

I don’t know how I feel about all this change happening at once.

And that’s not all there is – each student will get a timetable. Which means I may not be with my friends

I wish I could say that’s it, but Mrs A also mentioned that the way we learn will be different. I’ll get less support from my teachers and will be expected to be more independent in my learning. That’ll be interesting – I don’t struggle much in school, but I do find staying in every period. What if I can’t make new friends and I get lonely during my English class? I’ve never been one to kickstart a new friendship without the other person reaching out first. This will push me outside my comfort zone. motivated hard sometimes.

I can’t believe that this time next year, I’ll be a high school student!

Though there’s a lot I’m nervous about, I’m also excited about getting deeper into certain subjects like Science (especially looking forward to biology) and English (some of the books on the reading list look like they’ll be fun to read). I’m not as keen about Maths – that’s one subject I just can’t seem to get right.

Mum said she’s been speaking to Mrs A and other expert educators about ways to help me get ready for high school. Apparently, brushing up on Maths skills like numeracy and problem-solving is very important and tutoring might be the solution. But I don’t mind. I’ll do anything to help me feel more prepared!

Mum has also agreed to sit down with me tomorrow and help me figure out a few things, like:

  • Where to buy my school uniform and bags
  • The types of devices I’ll need
  • Other supplies needed to help me learn (books, stationery, pens)
  • How I’ll get to and from school (we’ll even practice it a couple of times before I start)
  • How to access information like timetables, assessment tasks and excursions
  • Important school dates and term dates
  • Finding any transition to high school programs

There are also videos about high school on the NSW Department of Education website that we’ll watch together. Knowing there are all these resources to help me; the more I think about high school, the more the idea is growing on me!



High School Readiness Assessment


Just like the student in the story above, the thought of starting high school can be daunting for many students. To help your child feel as confident as possible for high school, first answer the question – are they ready for the transition to high school?

There are several key skills students need as they enter high school education. These skills include the ability to think critically about various types of information, the ability to analyse fictional and non-fictional content, and an understanding of how mathematical formulas are related, applying them to real world scenarios.

If you are unsure of whether your child has the fundamental skills for high school, book a High School Readiness Assessment with us today. The assessment will:

  • Uncover the areas of proficiency and measure any misconceptions
  • Highlight the reasons behind any deficits
  • Reveal the untapped potential of a student
  • Measure where your child is at academically

After the assessment, you will receive instant feedback on your child’s results, a comprehensive report outlining strengths, weaknesses and reasons behind any deficits, and a special offer on your enrolment with Global Education Academy.

If your child has already started Year 7, it’s not too late to take advantage of the insights provided through the assessment. In fact, it’s suitable for any student in Year 6 (starting high school next year) or Year 7 (in the early phase of their high school years).

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Book an Assessment

Get clarity on your child’s readiness for high school.  Start the journey to unlock a world of potential and confidence.


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