How to Use a Homework Planner for Maximum Efficiency

by admin | 02nd April 2016 |

Teaching our children the skills of organization and time management is essential as they are necessary for their success in academics and life in general. Therefore, a child should be introduced to a homework planner as soon as they get their first assignment. Using it from the moment the children take their first steps in academics will help them develop efficient study habits from the very beginning.However, a child will require some guidance during this time.As a parent, you will be able to offer some help and monitor your son or daughter’s level in developing their ability to plan and manage their time efficiently.

Teach the Child to Love Their Homework Planner

Kids need to enjoy an activity in order to succeed with it. This means that it’s essential to teach children to love school so that they enjoy going there. It’s the same when dealing with a planner. If you start introducing it as a fun and interesting item, instead of a boring organization tool, children will like ‘playing’ with it. This will soon turn into a habit so by the time larger assignments arrive, your son or daughter will be well-versed in the skill of homework planning and will be able to deal with the increased workload more efficiently.

The following tips will help you achieve this result:

1. Choose the right kind of planner.

There are a great number of planners available today, and it’s impossible to say which of them is the best. This is a matter of personal preference, so you should take your time studying the available options and assess what would work best to suit your child’s needs. You can download and print out many free planners or even use specialized Android and iOS apps if you prefer teaching your child to be tech-savvy from an early age (this can also be a great way to help make it seem like fun). In either case, you should try out several options until you find the one that both you and your child like best.
Tip: If you go for a paper planner, either bought or printed out by yourself, it must be easy to use. It’s best to avoid cumbersome notebooks with zippers and locks.

2. Give the homework planner a name.

This fulfils two purposes. First of all, dealing with a planner that has its own name, and therefore personality, is its instantly more fun and relatable. This will be a great help when it comes to motivating your child. It doesn’t have to be a real name, just something that your child would like. No one else has to know about this, so the name can be your little secret.
The second greatest benefit of naming this particular item is a fact that we are less likely to neglect something we are personally connected to. Giving a simple homeowrk planner a name creates a sense of connection!

3. Incorporate the homework planning into your daily routine.

Writing down the assignments when the child receives them is not enough. In order to use the planner efficiently, you should create a routine, for example, reviewing it every morning before class or after your children get back from school. This will allow keeping relevant information on the forefront of your mind and help develop a better study plan.

4. Embrace color-coding.

Color-coding is both efficient and fun. Even adults can enjoy this planning technique, so there is no doubt that your children will love it as well. You can develop your own color-coding system or use a ‘traditional’ approach, like red for deadline and yellow for approaching exams. Stock up on stickers and highlighters to see which kids like to use more.


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A homework planner is a great educational tool and the sooner your children learn to use it the better. Teachers and tutors can help kids by explaining how to use the planner correctly, but it’s the parents who have the power to help young ones get into the habit of doing this. Here at Global Education Academy, we are always happy to help your childs study in anyway that we can.

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