How Global Education Academy unlocked the potential in the Powell brothers

by admin | 24th November 2020 |

Two years ago, two brothers, Dylan and Angus, were on very different paths academically. Yet, they had a mutual dilemma – their school wasn’t meeting their specific learning needs.

Dylan, a Year 4 student at the time, was a high performer at school. His academic results were stellar and everything any parent would want. But, as you and I both know, that isn’t enough. Children need to feel like they’re growing as they’re learning to continue to be motivated and reach new heights academically. Dylan wasn’t receiving that from his schoolwork. He found the work too easy and wanted a new challenge.

On the other hand, his brother Angus was a Year 2 student and found it difficult to pay attention in class because of his ADHD. As a result, he was struggling academically, and his social relationships also suffered. His mother could see the potential within him, but his learning difficulties were preventing him from reaching that potential.


“I knew I had found the right place.”


Then began the search for solutions to meet the learning needs of these two brothers.

Their mother, Catherine, started with an internet search of tutors and coaching centres close to home, even visiting a few. However, none were a good fit.

Catherine then broadened her search and discovered Global Education Academy. From her first visit, she knew something was different. The children seemed genuinely happy! Happy to be there and enjoying what they were learning.

Through positive interactions with staff, Catherine was educated about the research-based theory used to teach the students, Cognitive Load Theory. It was unlike any of the other tutoring centres she had become acquainted with!

She knew she had found the right place for her boys.


“Within a few weeks, I could see the difference.”


Catherine didn’t hesitate to enrol both Dylan and Angus at Global Education Academy. Dylan began attending group classes and Angus had a private English class as well as a group Mathematics class each week.

Within a few weeks, she could see the different tuition was making for both her sons.

Dylan was enjoying the challenge of learning something new. Within 6 months, Angus had not only caught up to his peers at school but was achieving a high level across all subjects! More importantly, he finally felt confident at school.


“It has been the best decision I have ever made with respect to their education.” 



Today, Dylan is in Year 6. He has been offered a place at a selective high school, a scholarship for a good private school, and a place in the enrichment class at their local public high school. Now that’s an impressive list of choices! Dylan chose well and will be attending the selective high school from next year.

Angus is now in Year 4. His NAPLAN results for Year 3 were outstanding and he is a consistent high achiever. Overall, his confidence has increased and he’s much happier at school. Catherine believes this is a testament to Cognitive Load Theory teaching methods unlocking his enormous potential. We couldn’t agree more!

Both Dylan and Angus continue to attend Global Education Academy through a mix of online and in person classes. They even look forward to them!


“I would urge anybody who is seeking tuition for their child/ren to enrol at Global Education Academy. It will be the beginning of quite a remarkable journey.”

– Catherine


To help your child reach their full potential, enrol in one of our courses by calling us on 1300 001 432.

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