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DR MAJEDA AWAWDEH – Business Person of the Year 2017

 This award recognises an outstanding business person whose vision, influence and dedication shapes a successful local business. Global Education Academy is proud to announce that our founder, Dr Majeda Awawdeh received this prestigious award for 2017. This was the first time she has applied for this award. All the teachers and administration staff at GEA, are proud that her efforts and passion for education have been recognised through this award.

Dr Majeda Awawdeh’s speech:

“I’ll start with a quote from Tony Robins: “When people know they are going to die or succeed, they tend to succeed.”. Burn your boat if you choose to take the island”.

 I was 35 when I came to Australia. I know I was born in a country that was too small for my dreams. I needed a continent, so I chose Australia. I came from the other side of the world with three children and zero money. I worked, raised three children by myself and completed a PhD in three years instead of four as my scholarship was running out. I was told by many people that I was crazy. That it is too hard to start again, it is impossible in a new culture, new language and with no family support.

 I‘ll tell you, it was not a piece of cake, but I never thought it will be.

 Resources are never the problem. The lack of resourcefulness is. You need passion, you need commitment and you need determination.  When you have these three, you can have any resource on earth.

 So yes, if you are taking the island, burn your boat and you’ll succeed. 

 I am just touching the surface of success with our plans for a second branch, plans for franchising and opening a school.

 When people ask me, what do you do in your business, I say ‘we change the lives of children’.”

-Majeda Awawdeh, Founder – Global Education Academy