The Brain-Based Learning Theory Behind How We Teach – Cognitive Load Theory

15th May 2024
Reflection on the 2024 Selective placement test
The 2024 Selective Placement Test was a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience. After months of preparation, students were relieved that it was finally over. Most of our students said that they found it similar to the mock tests
05th May 2024
The Brain-Based Learning Theory Behind How We Teach – Cognitive Load Theory
Cognitive Load Theory. What is it?   “The single most important thing for teachers to know” – Dylan William (renowned educationalist)   That’s a big statement coming from Dylan Williams. Yet, as a seasoned teacher and
19th February 2024
NAPLAN Explained
Dive into the world of NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) with our detailed exploration designed for parents, students, and educators alike. Whether you’re navigating NAPLAN Tutoring for the first time or
12th February 2024
How do I know my child understands what they are taught?
This is one of the most often asked questions by parents.  As a parent, one of the most main concerns we have is ensuring that our children truly understand what they are being taught. We want them to go beyond mere memorisation and
22nd January 2024
Unlocking Success: What to Study for the Selective Test and How to Prepare?
Understanding the Selective Test and its Importance  The selective test, also known as the entrance examination, is an academic assessment that determines a student’s eligibility for admission into a gifted education program. It
14th December 2023
HSC Results are out. How did your school rank?
HSC and ATAR- The difference in a glance    Although these two acronyms are connected, they are two distinct measurements of accomplishment, and it is easy to confuse them. HSC grades show how well a student performed in the
13th December 2023
Why preparing for the OC test is important?
Preparing your child for the Opportunity Class test is a crucial step towards unlocking their full potential and ensuring they have every opportunity to succeed academically. This test, designed to identify gifted and talented students,
06th December 2023
Why Tutoring? Empowering Your Child’s Academic Journey through Tutoring Support
In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, ensuring that your child receives the best education and opportunities to succeed is of utmost importance. While classroom learning plays a vital role in their academic journey, tutoring
29th November 2023
From hating Maths to loving it! Discover the transformative power of passionate tutoring
Lexi’s mum had tried everything to help her daughter succeed in maths, but nothing seemed to work. Frustrated and concerned as Lexi as approaching high school, she decided to seek tutoring to help her. She was referred to us (Global
20th November 2023
Navigating the right time to start tutoring
The question often arises: when is the right time to start tutoring? In this blog post, we’ll explore the key factors you should consider when making this significant decision for your child’s education in Sydney.  In the
20th November 2023
Are Selective Schools Worth It? Absolutely!
In this blog, I will answer some parents’ questions about selective schools; such as: Is it worth it? Why? And does tutoring help? And how do I get my child into a selective school? Attending a selective high school offers several
06th November 2023
5 reasons why preparing for the OC test is important
This blog provides key information to help you start your research and make informed decisions about how your child will prepare for the OC test.
25th October 2023
Similarities and differences between the Selective Placement Test and Scholarship Tests every parent needs to know.
We usually get asked the question “Does the selective course prepare students for the scholarship test as well?”  The information is there, however, it is very scattered, ambiguous and confusing.    What is the
19th October 2023
What happens after receiving Opportunity Class placement outcomes?
The results for students who sat the Opportunity Class Placement Test for entry in 2023 will soon be released. You may be a parent of a child who sat the test this year; waiting in anticipation to receive notification of your child’s
12th October 2023
“Sound to Selective” – Dr Majeda’s personal story with her daughter’s selective journey.
“Don’t waste your time and money,” they said. “She is just an average student. She will never make it to a selective school.” Those words echoed in my mind, but little did they know that those very words would
09th September 2023
Is your child ready for the transition to high school?
I’m nervous. Ms A was talking about high school in class today and it sounds so different from school as I currently know it. I won’t just have one teacher but many new teachers across the different subjects – Mrs A said I could end
20th July 2023
NAPLAN New Reports
From 2023 NAPLAN reports are changing to using 4 proficiency levels instead of the usual bands. In this blog we will discuss:     NAPLAN- basic information     What is covered in NAPLAN    Students’ reports (old reports vs. new
25th May 2023
A Story of Twin Sisters – Same Genes, Different Learning Journeys
 As a parent, your biggest desire in life is to see your children thrive, to do and achieve more than you ever could. And when you encounter roadblocks that threaten that desire becoming a reality, it’s difficult. Especially when it’s
11th May 2023
Reflection on the 2023 Selective Placement Test
The 2023 Selective Placement Test was a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience. After months of preparation, students were relieved that it was finally over. Most of our students said that they found it similar to the mock tests
02nd May 2023
Opportunity Class (OC) Minimum Entry Scores
Opportunity Classes (OC) are offered in 76 government primary schools and cater to academically gifted students in Years 5 and 6 with high
05th April 2023
Opportunity Class Placement Test – Recent Changes You Need to Know
After a couple of years of many changes to the OC test, it seems to be more stable now. If the last 2-3 years have taught us anything, it’s that we’re getting better at responding to change! The changes shouldn’t come as a surprise,
05th April 2023
8 Tips on Preparing your Child for the Selective High School Placement Test
Applications for entry into a Selective High School in 2024 are not open until October 2023, but early preparation will put your child in the best possible position when the test finally rolls around. The selective process can be
25th November 2022
What is a Selective School Test?
At Global Education Academy, we get a lot of questions from parents about the selective school test. As one of our key strengths is preparing students for successful entry into a selective school, this comes as no surprise. With teachers,
31st August 2022
Important changes to NAPLAN you need to know
To continually improve our education system in Australia, education ministers regularly look for opportunities to better educate students, through changes to curriculum and assessments of learning progress. Although it can be difficult to
23rd August 2022
How NOT to prepare for the Selective Placement Test
For parents of students who aspire to receive a Selective School placement for their high school years, there’s a lot of information to absorb to help your child adequately prepare for the highly competitive Selective placement test. As
10th May 2022
How to help your child build confidence in their learning
My child lacks confidence in their academic abilities, how can I help them build their confidence? This is a question we often hear from parents. Many students experience a lack of confidence in their learning, regardless of whether they
29th April 2022
Have you joined our OC & Selective Test Facebook Group?
Are you the parent of a child considering or working towards Opportunity Class (OC) or Selective School? There is so much to know about OC and Selective, especially if you want to give your child the best support possible. To keep informed
21st April 2022
Fun ideas to get your child writing creatively this Easter break
We’re now past halfway through the Easter school holidays and most parents are somewhere on the spectrum of thriving to about to lose their minds. Where are you on that spectrum? Maybe you’re exhausted from all the outdoor activities
12th April 2022
Everything you need to know about Thinking Skills in the Selective Placement Test
We all have thinking skills and use them to some degree every day. However, this does not mean we use them effectively. Like any other skill, we can further develop our thinking
22nd March 2022
What to Expect of the Selective High School Minimum Entry Scores
The minimum entry scores for entry into selective high schools are soon to be released. This blog provides a table of estimated entry scores for you to use as a guide.
08th March 2022
How GEA supports the journey to Selective high school
Congratulations to all our students who sat the Selective School placement test around this time last year and are now sitting in their Selective High School classrooms among their academically gifted peers.
16th February 2022
6 ways to support your gifted child to help them reach their full potential
Both educators and parents play important roles in nurturing gifted children to reach their full potential. To discover and reach this potential, children need access to the appropriate learning
28th January 2022
The Top 10 High Schools in NSW (by 2021 HSC marks)
Why is looking at the HSC results across schools important? HSC rankings are a great indicator for which high school is a good fit for your child, including considering your child’s interests, personal and academic goals.
25th November 2021
10 fun things to do with the kids these summer school holidays
The summer school holidays are fast approaching. This means six weeks of unstructured days are coming – are you
23rd November 2021
11 thoughtful gifts for your child’s school teacher
The end of the school year is only a few weeks away, which means you’ve probably started thinking about what end-of-year gift to give your child’s school teacher to show your appreciation. Here is a list of great gift
16th November 2021
I think my child is falling behind in school. What should I do?
Recently, you’ve noticed a few things that raise warning flags you feel you need to pay attention to before it’s too late. So, how can you identify whether your child is having learning difficulties and falling behind in
11th November 2021
What’s on at Global Education Academy this Summer
We offer several summer holiday courses to support students as they ease into a new stage of learning. Discover what’s on at Global Education Academy this
03rd November 2021
7 Study Tips for OC Placement Test Success
If you’ve decided to pursue the OC journey with your child, then read this blog to discover how you can support your child as they prepare for the placement test with several effective study
26th October 2021
5 indicators an Opportunity Class is a good fit for your child
How do you know whether an OC program is the right fit for your child? In this blog, we cover 5 key indicators to observe in your child to help you determine whether it is the right environment for their final years of primary
20th October 2021
What your child needs to know before starting school
In this blog, we share what to expect from the kindergarten learning program in Australia, what your child should know before starting school and how to prepare them for this next step.
28th September 2021
Life and learning after the COVID-19 pandemic
It’s been quite a journey, with drastic changes made to teaching methods, but it looks as though there is now light at the end of the
21st September 2021
How to make the most of your child’s NAPLAN test results
To help you make the most out of your child’s NAPLAN test results, this blog outlines the reasons for this nationwide assessment, its importance and what you can do as a parent based on how your child
14th September 2021
Maths matters: The importance of the world’s most unpopular school subject
There’s no denying that maths is the world’s most unpopular school subject. It’s the one class many students dread walking into during their school day. So why is maths such a hated subject among students (and many
07th September 2021
Computer Literacy: A 21st Century Skill
Our ability to use and understand technology such as computers is vital for success in the 21st Century. It’s a life skill that is just as important
31st August 2021
How the declining role of textbooks in primary school impacts your child’s learning
Over recent decades, there has been a gradual shift away from using textbooks as a valuable resource and foundation for learning in primary
25th August 2021
A tale of parenting in lockdown
The pressures of being a parent in lockdown are common right now. With home schooling and working from home, it’s a lot to carry as a parent. Parenting is never easy, but the load is especially heavy at the moment.
18th August 2021
The Knowledge & Skills Gap: The transition from Year 6 to 7
The transition from primary school to high school is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience for many students and a key milestone in their learning journey.
11th August 2021
How to spot learning gaps and get your child back on track
This blog covers how learning gaps are developed, how to identify learning gaps and ways to get your child back on
05th August 2021
The importance of keeping physically active while learning from home
Physical activity is more important than ever, as children are unable to participate in their usual physical education provided at
04th August 2021
We are here to support you
Dear Parents, I hope that everyone is doing well in these difficult times. Do you feel that your child’s school is not communicating clearly with you? Do you wish you had access to your child’s teacher more often? Are you worried that
21st July 2021
7 helpful tips for talking to your child about COVID-19
Talking about COVID-19 is one of those difficult conversations you’d rather not have as a parent but it’s an important one to
14th July 2021
How to feed your family nutritious meals without the fuss
Because healthy eating plays an important role not only in your child’s development but also in their
07th July 2021
There is no such thing as an average student. True or false?
Unfortunately, in the world we live in, we tend to see people based on their labels – teachers are no exception. Once a student is labelled as “average”, many teachers continue to see them as
30th June 2021
Why it’s important to maintain routines during lockdown
We can’t control what is happening around us right now. What we can control, is how we respond and what we choose to do during this uncertain season. How can we establish a level of control?
23rd June 2021
How to make the most out of your child’s half-yearly school report card
With the July school holidays fast approaching, your child is likely to have received their half-yearly school report from their teacher by
21st June 2021
Chronicles of a Selective High School Application
The Selective High School placement process is intense and highly competitive. The journey is challenging for both parents and students and requires a lot of commitment from the start. Though many students (around 15,000) begin the journey
09th June 2021
A Long-Term Investment – the difference between learning to pass and learning for life-long skills
Learning should be a life-long endeavour. It carries more than the single purpose of succeeding when tested simply to move on to the next stage. It’s about continually building knowledge, skills and understanding.
28th May 2021
Selective High Schools: Frequently Asked Questions
Selective High School Placement is a hot topic of conversation with many parents of students at Global Education Academy. We know that a key goal for many of our students is to receive placement at a Selective High School and stretch
25th May 2021
2021 Selective High School Minimum Entry Scores
Overall, minimum entry scores for entry into selective high schools have increased since 2020, with most schools experiencing a slight increase of around 1-4 points.
24th May 2021
2021 Selective High School Minimum Entry Scores – DELAYED
As you may well be aware, the 2021 Selective High School Minimum Entry Scores have yet to be released. Initially, the government website stated that these results would be published at the end of April 2021, however this information has
20th May 2021
Parenting Styles – what type of parent are you?
The next time you pick up your child from school or extra-curricular activities, take a moment to look around. What do you see? What are the children doing? What are the parents doing?  When you stop and take in the scene around
06th May 2021
The Fundamental Role of Mothers in Children’s Education
A mother is… …the manager of the household. At all times, she has an instinctive ability to know what’s happening under her roof.   …a chef. From pancakes for breakfast to lasagna for dinner, she’s often the one behind these
09th April 2021
The Top 10 NSW High Schools (by 2020 HSC Marks) You Need to Know About
Are you considering having your child apply for a selective school?  One of the key considerations to determine which school would be the best fit for your child, is their HSC rankings.   To help you with this step, this blog
26th March 2021
2021 OC Test – Most Recent Changes Every Parent Needs to Know
This is the biggest reform we have seen to the structure and content of the Placement Test in over a decade.   So, what are the changes?  The test design has shifted its focus from assessing general ability (GA) to assessing students’
24th March 2021
5 indicators a Selective High School is a good fit for your child
If you’ve had a child in the Australian school system for some time, chances are you’ve heard about Selective High Schools.   Maybe you’ve seen announcements in online school bulletins, overheard conversations between proud
23rd February 2021
What are thinking skills? Why are they tested in the Selective and OC Entry Tests?
Did you know that two of the top skills employers look for are critical thinking and problem solving? In other words, thinking skills.  This means having well-developed thinking skills is key to being highly employable. By the time
02nd February 2021
Everything you need to know about the scholarship tests for non-government high schools
The new year is the perfect time to consider your goals for the year ahead. This includes your child’s education. Especially if you want to give your child the future they deserve.  If your child is about to enter Year 6, choice of
29th January 2021
Back to School: How to prepare your child for a new school year
We’re almost one month into a new year, can you believe it? With January drawing to an end, it’s time to start preparing your child for a new school year. The first day of school can creep up quickly as you continue to enjoy fun in the
17th December 2020
How Global Education Academy drives meaningful change as a business for good
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”   The wise words of Mahatma Gandhi. What do these words mean to you? For us, the idea of being the change is not just a motivational quote you double tap on Instagram and
09th December 2020
How to get the most out of your child’s next NAPLAN tests
Here’s a small exercise for you to try your child: Ask them what is the first word that comes to their mind when you mention ‘NAPLAN’. What about the word ‘test’? Is it a positive response? Depending on how your child performs
02nd December 2020
Everything You Need to Know About Opportunity Classes
It’s a beautiful, sunny morning. The kind of morning that makes you want to jump out of bed and start the day. So, why is your daughter not downstairs for breakfast yet? Usually a morning person, you expected to see her bright face by
24th November 2020
How Global Education Academy unlocked the potential in the Powell brothers
Two years ago, two brothers, Dylan and Angus, were on very different paths academically. Yet, they had a mutual dilemma – their school wasn’t meeting their specific learning
11th November 2020
Writing – The Underrated Skill Crucial for Future Success
It’s another day of work and school. As you’ve done every other weekday morning for the last 9 years, you knock on your child’s bedroom door as a wake-up call. You open the door to discover he’s not in his room, but his Economics
03rd November 2020
2021 Selective Placement Test – Most Recent Changes Every Parent Needs to Know
The NSW Selective School Placement Test will change next year. If the changes made earlier this year were not enough to keep you on your toes, the more recent changes made by the NSW Department of Education should do just that. This is the
28th October 2020
Trick or Treat? How to pick the treat every time when preparing for the Selective Placement Test
Halloween is only a few days away. Where has the year gone?! After enduring so much change this year, I am sure your child is looking forward to the familiarity of Halloween which comes around every year. Why wouldn’t they? It’s the
20th October 2020
COVID’s learning gaps and the potential impact on students’ future
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major disruption to life as we know it. Not only has it prompted us to make necessary shifts in our daily routines, it has also changed the way we move, interact, work, and learn. As a parent, you have
13th October 2020
Everything you need to know about the Selective School Test process
It’s that time of year again. The time that every parent well invested in their Year 5 child’s learning waits for in anticipation – the opening for selective high school test and placement applications. This year, for entry into Year
29th September 2020
How to bring out the genius within your child
“Your child is getting average grades; she’ll never make it into a selective high school.” Have you heard that statement before? I certainly have. It echoes a similar comment I received from my daughter’s teacher when she was in
24th September 2020
The Stigma Around Tutoring – Is it a Broader Issue?
“Don’t tell your friends you’re going to tutoring after school, okay?” Has this phrase come out of your mouth before? If so, I don’t blame you. The mentality of concealing your child’s tutoring is merely the fruit of the
09th September 2020
My child is bored at school. Are they gifted? Or is the bar too low?
Happy students are one thing, but how engaged are they in learning? It’s a Wednesday afternoon and you’re waiting in the car after navigating the school pick up queue. Your child opens the door, throws their backpack on to the seat
28th August 2020
7 Useful Tips on Preparing your Child for the OC Placement Test
The test date has been postponed again to 18 Nov 2020. This has given students a substantial amount of time for extra preparation. Many students are overwhelmed and anxious because of the delay. However, you can reduce stress by looking at
21st July 2020
ICAS and REACH: Everything you need to know
What is ICAS? International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) is an independent skill-based assessment test of six competitions for primary and secondary school students. ICAS is an annual assessment conducted by UNSW
01st July 2020
GEA Student: Zaviar’s Story – From small country town to Knox Grammar
We first met the Cheema family when they came in for a face-to-face consultation at our Kogarah campus. They were very keen to have their son Zaviar prepped with us to sit a scholarship test. The family, who originate from Sydney now
29th June 2020
Although it is always good to hear directly from your child how they are coping with school, their response alone does not paint a full picture. Cue report cards. They give an essential insight into your child’s experience at school from
16th June 2020
Home Schooling Uncovered an Ugly Truth
When restrictions were in place and children were doing school from home, many parents were faced with the task of being ‘teacher’ and helping their child navigate this new style of learning. Not only did this present an obvious
12th June 2020
NSW Opportunity Class (OC) Minimum Entry Scores in 2020
Opportunity Classes (OC) are offered in 75 selected government schools across NSW and cater for children in Years 5 and 6 who are academically gifted and talented. They provide a rich and intellectually stimulating educational
03rd June 2020
NAPLAN 2020 Cancelled: How will this Impact your Child?
Due to the Covid-19 disruption to schools, the annual National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) exams were cancelled by consensus by the COAG Education Council. This means that all students, from both non-government
26th May 2020
The 5 Facts That Will Help Fill any Educational Gaps in your Child’s Learning
The sudden school closures gave parents and schools hardly any time to prepare for a massive shift in their lives. Parents were forced to become teachers, with most doing so while attempting to continue their regular employment from home.
21st May 2020
The 5 Facts that Will Take the Headache out of Home Schooling
Many parents have been pulling their hair out since they have, without choice or preparation, found themselves in the role of teacher to their children. This is not ideal even for parents who are teachers by trade. I do remember when my
30th April 2020
Dr Majeda Awawdeh – WINNER – 2020 Telstra Business Women’s Awards
Telstra Small Business Award Never underestimate a woman with a vision coupled with determination. What an honour to be receiving this award on the 25th anniversary of Telstra Business Women’s Awards. Thank you, Telstra, for this amazing
29th April 2020
Changes to the Opportunity Class Placement Process due to COVID-19
Yesterday the NSW Department of Education announced that due to COVID-19 there will be changes to the key dates of the Opportunity Class Placement Test this year. The announcement reads “To help slow the spread of COVID-19, the decision
21st April 2020
2020 Selective High School Minimum Entry Scores
Minimum entry scores for entry into selective high schools have plummeted, with Girraween high school recording the lowest decline by dropping by a staggering 21 points. Regardless of the drop in entry scores, selective schools are still
31st March 2020
How to join a class   You can join a class by clicking the class link that was emailed to you. Once you click ‘join lesson’ you’ll have the option to either ‘click here’ to join through your browser or to download and run
26th March 2020
Due to new restrictions, we are unable to guarantee that each student will keep a 1.5-meter radius. So, as of Thursday 26th March 2020, classes will only be available online for both our Turramurra and Kogarah campuses. We will still be
20th March 2020
Hybrid Classrooms – The freedom to choose between participating in our classes in person or online
What is a hybrid classroom? Our hybrid classroom offers two options for students; joining face to face or online. Some students can join us physically while others join through an app called Zoom. Zoom is extremely user friendly, secure
03rd March 2020
The New Selective High School Placement Test: Everything you need to know
“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” The Selective High School Placement Test for 2020 is coming up soon and like any other parent in New South Wales, you’re probably
12th February 2020
“Education is a Powerful Weapon” – Dr Majeda Awawdeh, Global Education Academy – Finalist, Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2020
Dr Majeda Awawdeh is an author, educator, entrepreneur and founder of Global Education Academy – Australia’s leading research-based learning centre, and now a proud finalist in the 2020 Telstra Business Women’s Awards.
10th December 2019
WARNING – Australia’s Performance in Mathematics is Below the International Average. What a Shock … Or is it?
For the first time Australia is below the OECD countries’ average in mathematics – and it’s getting worse. According to the 2018 PISA (Programme International Students Assessments) results, published in December 2019, Australia has
04th December 2019
Have we subtracted too much time away from core subjects in our children’s school week?
Our modern education system has a lot on its plate. There’s a very wide range of subjects and categories we expect schools to teach over the course of our children’s education. But as the curriculum continues to expand, the core
20th November 2019
How Can I Tell the Difference Between a Good Teacher and a Great Teacher?
If you’ve ever sat across the table from your child’s teacher at a parent-teacher meeting and just not been quite satisfied that this teacher was great at their job, you may well have been right. Teachers come in all forms, and often
13th November 2019
How To Prepare Your Child For High School
Behind every nervous and excited child soon to be heading off to high school, there is a parent or caregiver that is equally (but a little more quietly) nervous and excited. If you’ve already happened to find yourself at that time in
07th November 2019
Why I Wrote The Book ‘Who Cares About Maths’ Anyway?’
As a parent and an educator, I want to do more than just highlight the faults of our education system; I hope to shed some light on why it is failing our children. Because I call Australia home, I feel the obligation to be more than the
30th October 2019
Our Recipe For The Confident Child That Every Parent Deserves
Every parent wants their child to perform well academically and to develop confidence as they mature. Both academic success and confidence are central to a child’s success in adulthood. There’s been a lot of research on the connection
23rd October 2019
Helping Your Child Cope With Stress Using Mindfulness
There’s a good chance that when you were a child no one talked much about stress. Especially not about stress in children. But research shows that children are experiencing stress at levels that can affect their academic performance and
18th October 2019
Opportunity Classes: Get Your Child on The Right Track
The NSW Department of Education offers year 4 students the possibility of entering Opportunity Classes (OC). These are classes for academically gifted students, teaching content at a higher level than regular classes, throughout years 5
17th October 2019
How Important Is My Child’s Academic Performance?
Most parents want their children to do well at school. We inherently know that when they do well at school it’s a good thing. But we also know that kids under too much pressure to perform can suffer. We don’t want to give our kids the
20th September 2019
The NAPLAN results shock the country every year. In fact, it’s so common we’re even used to it by now.
Dr Majeda Awawdeh provides expert insight into the ongoing problem with NAPLAN, students NAPLAN results and the Government's continued lack of action in response to poor
30th August 2019
How to Help your Child with their Homework (Without Tearing your Hair Out!)
If you struggle with stressful homework time, it can be a daily nightmare. Here are eight tips for calming the homework monster! Start by changing your approach Admit that you can’t make your child do anything. His or her performance
26th August 2019
What is “Mark Standardising” and How Will it Affect your Child’s Selective High School Placement Test Score?
The NSW Selective High Schools Placement Test (SHSPT) is an important part of your child’s educational journey and one that can cause both parents and students a lot of stress and worry. You’ve likely heard that the SHSPT scores are
22nd July 2019
GEA is a proud supporter of One Girl
Based in Kogarah and Turramurra, Global Education Academy has extensive knowledge in catering to the specific needs of NSW students. However, GEA also understands the way in which an education can change the life of any individual and
22nd July 2019
4 Steps to Unlock your Child’s Full Potential
Already at the midway point for 2019, your child has most likely just received feedback on their academic performance so far this year. With half the year’s content already completed, this feedback is a vital insight into their level of
22nd July 2019
Understanding your child’s school report card
Although it’s always good to hear directly from your child how they are coping with school, their response alone does not paint the full picture. Cue report cards. They give an essential insight into your child’s experience at school
22nd July 2019
My daughter’s journey from “Sound” To Selective “Don’t waste your time and money Majeda, she is just an average student. She will never make it to selective.” These were the words that changed my daughter’s life. Although
29th May 2019
How To Prepare Your Child For High School
Behind every nervous and excited child soon to be heading off to high school, there is a parent or caregiver that is equally (but a little more quietly) nervous and excited. If you’ve already happened to find yourself at that time in
08th May 2019
How The 2020 NSW Selective School Placement Test Has Changed
29th April 2019
2019 Selective High School Minimum Entry Scores
It is common knowledge that selective schools are the top-ranking schools based on HSC results. However, with approximately only 4000 placements available each year and an ever-growing number of students applying, it has become
23rd April 2019
Opportunity Class (OC) Minimum Entry Scores in 2019
Opportunity Classes (OC) are offered in selected government schools across NSW and cater for academically gifted and talented children in Years 5 and 6. They provide a rich and intellectually stimulating educational environment. Students
29th October 2018
Free Homework Help Classes
Do you find it difficult to get your child to do their homework? Do they enjoy doing their homework but are easily distracted at home? Are you too busy to provide the necessary attention to help your child with their homework? Do you find
15th October 2018
Why Apply for Selective High School?
Primary schools have recently sent home an ‘Intention to apply for Year 7 entry to a selective high school in 2020’ letter to all parents. This has many parents thinking and asking questions. Is my child bright enough? How does a
14th May 2018
Opportunity Class (OC) Minimum Entry Scores in 2018
UPDATE: For 2019 Opportunity Class entry marks click here. Opportunity Classes (OC) are offered in selected government schools across NSW and cater for academically gifted and talented children in Years 5 and 6. They provide a rich and
24th April 2018
2018 Selective High School Minimum Entry Scores
UPDATE: For 2019 selective high school entry marks click here. It is common knowledge that selective schools are the top-ranking schools based on HSC results. However, with only 4,000 (approx) placements available each year and an
01st February 2018
Maths & English Tutoring in Turramurra
Global Education Academy offers tutoring for Maths & English to primary and high school students. Located on Sydney’s North Shore. GEA is a research-based learning centre with a structured learning system that covers the entire
01st February 2018
Selective High School Tutoring in Turramurra
Global Education Academy offers tutoring to prepare for Selective High School exams on Sydney’s North Shore. If your child is gifted or has the potential to be a high achiever academically, you may want them to join a selective high
24th October 2017
Applying for Selective School in 2019
Primary schools have recently sent home an ‘Intention to apply for Year 7 entry to a selective high school in 2019’ letter to all parents. This has got a lot of parents thinking and asking questions like, is my child bright enough? Is
24th October 2017
Global Education Academy now in Turramurra
REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW TO SECURE YOUR EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT Global Education Academy is excited to announce that we have taken the next step and are expanding into the heart of the educational belt. Due to an influx of North Shore
22nd September 2017
Beachside Dash 2017
Global Education Academy is a proud sponsor of the Beachside Dash. This year marked the 10th anniversary of the Beachside Dash which was held on Sunday 10 September at Peter Depena Reserve. GEA would like to thank everyone who came along
21st September 2017
National Year 1 Literacy and Numeracy Check – Explained
‘Quality Schools, Quality Outcomes’ (QSQO) is an evidence based package of school reforms to enhance learning outcomes for students across Australia. QSQO was released by the Australian government in May, 2016. At the core of this
06th July 2017
Selective School Entry Scores for 2017
UPDATE: For 2018 selective high school entry marks click here. It is evident that selective schools are the top-ranking schools based on HSC results. However, with only 4,000 (approx) placements available each year and an ever-growing
05th July 2017
How Do Year 9 NAPLAN Results Affect HSC Eligibility?
What is NAPLAN? The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is an annual nationwide assessment for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. All students in these year levels are expected to participate in tests in reading,
22nd June 2017
Top 10 Questions for Parent Teacher Interviews
Parent teacher interviews are a fantastic opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, strengths and weaknesses with their teacher. Be prepared to ensure you get the most out of the short time you have in the interview. Below are
16th May 2017
Opportunity Class (OC) Minimum Entry Scores in 2017
Opportunity Classes (OC) are offered in selected government schools across NSW and cater for academically gifted and talented children in Years 5 and 6. They provide a rich and intellectually stimulating educational environment. Students
26th April 2017
Global Education Academy – National Small Business Champion
Global Education Academy are now proud winners of the Australian Small Business Champion Award for Best Children’s Educational Services in 2017. We were awarded the prestigious award at the gala dinner and awards ceremony held on
09th March 2017
Schools Offering Opportunity Class
Looking for a public school in your area that offers opportunity classes? We have put together a list of schools by region that offer opportunity classes for academically gifted and talented children in Years 5 and 6. Find out how to apply
07th March 2017
Selective School Ranking and Entry Marks
UPDATE: For 2018 selective high school entry marks click here. UPDATE: For Selective School entry marks for the 2018 Year 7 intake, please click here. Selective Schools have proven again that they are the top-ranking schools in the HSC
23rd February 2017
How to Apply & Get Selected For Opportunity Class
Learn everything about the Opportunity Class placement test The Opportunity Class placement test also known as the OC test is an important test for students in New South Wales, Australia. The test is used to place students in the
07th February 2017
Opportunity Class for Year 5 Students
Many primary school parents come to us considering whether they should apply for their child to attend an Opportunity Class (OC) during years 5 and 6. There are many reasons why they are considering OC for their child, but not all reasons
30th November 2016
Why and how to get into a selective school
What are Selective Schools? Selective high schools in NSW accept students based on results from the Selective Schools Placement Test (which is run every year around mid March). Students in Year 6 sit the test to enter the selective high
30th November 2016
How to find a tutor for Primary School
Find a tutor that engages your child to maximise their learning How to Find the Right Tutor for Primary School Tutoring is a great tool to help children learn and grow, particularly when they are in primary school and enjoy absorbing as
17th July 2016
Understanding School Report Cards – Do They Tell Us Enough?
For a lot of parents, understanding their child’s school report is one of the biggest challenges in a school year. The school report is a parent’s window into their child’s academic progress. It should provide vital updates on how
10th May 2016
Preparing for the First Day at Primary School
The first day at primary school can be a real trial and testing experience for both you and your child. While it’s true that it is only one day out of many, the importance of first impressions shouldn’t be underestimated. As a parent,
02nd April 2016
How to Use a Homework Planner for Maximum Efficiency
Teaching our children the skills of organization and time management is essential as they are necessary for their success in academics and life in general. Therefore, a child should be introduced to a homework planner as soon as they get
18th March 2016
What Is Naplan and What Does it Mean for Your Child?
NAPLAN – An Explanation The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) results were released on the 4th August2015 with interesting results. NAPLAN according to the NAP website “provides a measure through
08th March 2016
Helping Our Children To Understand Maths Better
Often, Children who do not enjoy math are the ones who find it unrelatable and challenging. Mathematics – if the mentioning of this subject in your home brings tears, complaints or avoidance, you are not alone. What are we doing
14th February 2016
Selective School Entry Cut off marks
Selective School Entry Cut Off Marks UPDATE: Read our 2017 report on Selective Schools cut off marks and rankings here. Recently, we shared a blog post regarding the 2015 High School Rankings  based off the results from the Higher School
28th January 2016
2015 High School Rankings
2015 High School Rankings Choosing the right High School for you can be a very tough decision. There are many things to consider including your family’s location, your child’s focus and more. The 2015 High School Rankings have
15th December 2015
5 Techniques to Study Smarter for Exams
5 Techniques to Study Smarter for Exams Don’t just study harder, study smarter for exams. Often, students struggle to get into the zone when it comes to studying. Even those who succeed tend to misdirect their focus and make inefficient
23rd July 2015
Selective Test Results – Congrats to our students
Please join us in congratulating all of our students who participated in the Selective School Preparation program in 2014-2015. We have just received the results and are absolutely ecstatic at how well our students have done. The results
25th May 2015
Does your child have Reading Processing Difficulty?
For some children reading is an incredibly difficult task. They just don’t process text in the same way children without difficulty do. Too often parents and teachers cannot identify the specific problems the child has, and so don’t
11th March 2015
The Countdown to Selective School Testing is here
The Countdown to Selective School Testing is here The Selective High School Placement Test is held this year on Thursday, 12th March. Our elite students, who will sit for the Selective School Test on Thursday 12th March 2015, have just
24th May 2014
Gonski Gone for Good? How Gonski Reforms Will Affect You.
With the Federal Government’s 2014 Budget announcing changes to the continuation of the Gonski reforms, there is quite a lot of criticism being fired off from the NSW Teachers Federation and the NSW Government, and with good cause. From
24th May 2014
Social Media Melodramas – Social Media and your Child.
Does your child have a problem with Social Media? You’ve asked your child to put down her phone three times now and you’re almost at your wits end. “Do your homework or I’ll take your phone off you”, you finally declare, only to
24th May 2014
NAPLAN – How to plan for NAPLAN.
With the imminent arrival of the NAPLAN test from May 13th to 15th, some parents may be worried about their child’s ability to perform at an optimal level.  NAPLAN is used primarily as a measure of each school’s performance, but
31st March 2014
Discovery Program in the English Curriculum.
For the first time in a decade, the New South Wales English Curriculum is breaking free of old restraints, with the introduction of the English Discovery Program – a new study concept that will replace the ‘Journey’ area of study
19th March 2014
Private Tutors & Tutoring In Sydney
Global Education Academy is the only researched based learning centre in Sydney. It is the fruition of many years
15th March 2014
Time is ticking for the 2015 selective school entrance exams program
Within NSW, there are 17 fully selective schools available to qualifying students; however, the competition is fierce – out of the 13,500 students that sit the annual test, only about 4,000 are accepted*. Between March and June 2014,

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