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– Bachelor of Computing Science (Computing Science and Mathematics) – University of New England
– Graduate Diploma of Psychology – Charles Stuart University
– Masters of Teaching Secondary (Ongoing) – University of New England  

Coming from a long career designing implementing and deploying complex technological solutions into Finance, Government and other industries. Though my experience in the workplace I have encountered many skilled individuals who do not have well-developed problem-solving skills and seen them struggle to adapt to a changing world. Observing this challenge I am redirecting my energies into educating the next generation. I am a strong believer in the development of students abilities to not only solve the problems they encounter today, the need to develop the techniques and skills to solve the problems they will encounter in school and throughout their lives. With exposure to the psychology of learning Global Education Academy’s approach to develop skills in problem-solving through the use of Cognitive Load Theory helps to develop the students’ confidence in their own abilities while creating the flexible and adaptive framework they need to succeed in school and beyond.

“The key to learning is to develop the skills to solve not only today’s problems but tomorrow’s.”

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