11 thoughtful gifts for your child’s school teacher

by admin | 23rd November 2021 | ,

The end of the school year is only a few weeks away, which means you’ve probably started thinking about what end-of-year gift to give your child’s school teacher to show your appreciation.

It has been a big year for students. It has been an even bigger year for teachers, learning to navigate the uncertain environment created by the COVID pandemic. Teachers have had to learn to be more adaptable, acquiring new skills and implementing creative strategies to ensure your child continues to learn despite the circumstances.

More than ever, our children’s teachers deserve to know how much they are loved and appreciated by students and their parents.

But what do you gift a teacher who seems to have everything they need? What gift can you buy that won’t immediately get regifted or end up in the bin a mere few months later?

Below are 11 ideas for thoughtful gifts you can give your child’s school teacher this year.


1. A coffee mug or tumbler

Everyone drinks some form of beverage, so a mug is a safe choice for a gift. Get them a mug to drink their morning coffee at their desk or a tumbler for when they are on the go.


2. Donate to a cause they care about

Give the gift of giving back through a charity donation for a cause that is near to the teacher’s heart. This is a great idea if you want to go down the minimalistic yet meaningful route.


3. A framed ‘thank you’ message

It’s the personalised cards and letters that teachers hold on to longer than any other gift. To add to the longevity of this gift, frame your child’s message so their teacher can display it on a shelf or wall as a constant reminder.


4. Small pot plant

Plants offer many benefits – including purifying the air, boosting productivity and reducing stress – which makes them an ideal gift. Even for those who aren’t green thumbs! Give your child’s teacher a low maintenance plant, small enough to sit on their desk without getting in the way.


5. A mason jar filled with encouraging notes

This is a very sentimental gift that most (if not all) teachers would appreciate. Get your child to write an encouraging note for each week of the year that their teacher can read on a weekly basis, especially at the times they’re feeling discouraged. This is sure to lift their spirits.



6. Journal or notebook

Teachers constantly have countless things to remember and growing to-do lists. Give them the gift of organisation with a journal or notebook to write down their thoughts, plans and observations. Better yet, personalise it by monogramming their name or initials.


7. Personalised pens or pencils

Speaking of personalisation, this is also a good idea for gifting pens and pencils. Multiple times per day, teachers lend their writing tools to students, only for them to never be returned. Personalised pens and pencils are a good way to increase the return rate!


8. A gift card for the movie theatre

Another less tangible but no less valuable gift is an experience. You can give your child’s teacher a gift card to see a movie at the cinema or for another recreational activity you think they will enjoy. 


9. A bottle of wine

If you want a safer choice and don’t mind your gift being regifted, a bottle of wine is a great option for an end-of-year gift. Do some research through conversation to find out what kind of wine your child’s teacher prefers so it’s still a thoughtful gift.


10. A self-care hamper

With the constant changes to schooling, teachers have barely had a moment to themselves this year. Help them unwind over the summer holidays with a hamper filled with things that are ideal for relaxation. This could include a candle, bath soak, sleep mask, organic tea, hand cream and essential oils.


11. A teacher’s toolkit

Give them a gift they will use in the next school year by creating a teacher’s toolkit with an assortment of things they will draw upon in the classroom. The toolkit may include pens, pencils, textas, pencil case, post it note pads, hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes, band-aids, face masks, a water bottle, and chocolate.


Tips for gift giving


If you are still unsure about what gift to buy for your child’s teacher, here are a few tips to help guide you to the right gift:

  • Make it meaningful – the gift could be related to your child’s favourite topic taught by their teacher during the year, inspired by a previous interaction with their teacher, or reflect something their teacher is passionate about. For example, a tea cup is a great gift for a teacher who expresses their love for drinking tea.


  • Make it personal – personalise the gift with their name and a message written by your child that they will always remember. For example, a large, personalised canvas tote bag meets the needs of a teacher who is always carrying a heavy load in and out of the classroom.


  • Make it useful – teachers frequently receive gifts and probably have a storage place for many of them. Help yours stand out from the rest by making it useful – something they will reach for often due to practicality. For example, a glasses stand is useful for a teacher who constantly misplaces their glasses.

Hopefully this blog helps you tick one more thing off your end-of-year to do list!


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